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A Mesmerizing Experience Kasol Camping

Sitting on the banks of the Parvati River, Kasol is a picturesque village in Kullu and is one of the most popular destinations in the whole of North India. It is generally referred to as “Amsterdam of India” and “Heaven’s Getaway.” It is cocooned at an altitude of 1640 meters in the lap of mother nature. This hamlet surrounded by valleys and hills is also a great base for hiking and trekking.

For its scenic scenery, amazing landscapes, friendly atmosphere, and fascinating community, Kasol is loved and is thus a major crowd puller. The location is also a sojourn for nature lovers looking for an escape as you land in the lap of nature with lush green forests in the center and relaxing views, thus, camping in Kasol gives you an unforgettable experience. Kasol offers you a wide variety of camping choices, from luxury modern camps to inexpensive ones.

Camping in Kasol is a fun-filled activity, such as bonfires, fishing, trekking, and mountaineering, which has become a tradition over the years. Camping at Kasol is a great destination from the chaos of city life amid the raw nature with the soothing sound of the Parvati River which makes it even more unique.

Best Camping Time In Kasol 

If you want to experience the excitement and fun of camping in the snow-capped mountains, then winters which start from November to February are the best time to camp in Kasol. For people looking forward to bathing in the unspoiled beauty of nature, the time is also ideal.

Average price in Kasol for camping 

The price varies depending on different parameters, such as the duration, season, number of adventure activities, and the camping site you want, of course. Nearly all the prices offered by the Kasol camping sites are different.

Stuff to Do in Kasol Except Camping 

For travelers to enjoy their holiday to the fullest, this scenic hamlet provides many other choices.

Trekking In Kheerganga

There is nothing more thrilling for adventure seekers than trekking across the terrain of the Kheerganga Valley, which is situated at an altitude of around 9,500 feet. Kheerganga is an offbeat hiking destination at the extreme end of the Parvati River. In addition to Riverside camping in Kasol, trekking along snow-topped mountains is arguably the best thing to do.

Must Taste Israeli Cuisine 

Kasol is predominantly populated by Israelis, so it is also affectionately called Himachal Pradesh’s “Mini Israel”. So, make sure you try some nice, authentic Israeli dishes, such as Falafel, Bourekas, Tabbouleh, Shakshuka, and Schnitzel. In addition, the desserts will certainly soothe your palate at the German bakeries.

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Shopping at Flea markets

In Kasol, there are several quirky shops that will make you fill your bag with a few fun items to bring back home. The vibrant flea market of the city is just a paradise for shopaholics.

Chillums, bongs, Bob Marley T-shirts, western designs, handmade articles, Himachali caps, dream catchers, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, trinkets, semi-precious stones, etc. can be found here. So, get ready to use your negotiation skills as they are going to be used here.

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Best Camping Sites In Kasol

Following are some of the best camping sites in Kasol for a fun-filled holiday:

Kabila Camps

All of the camping packages provided by Kabila Camps are affordable, from a Swiss tent to a traditional one. You also have the luxury of tailoring the products according to your budget. This scenic camping site will encourage you to lose yourself to the calming vibes of nature and to de-stress yourself. In Kasol, this is one of the best camps.

Parvati View Riverside Camps

If you are looking for adrenaline-pumping activities like hiking or looking for a relaxing stay in natural settings, the best choice to choose is Parvati View Riverside Camps. Next to the River Parvati, you can find a selection of cozy and affordable tents to enjoy blissful holidays like never before.

Orchard Camps

Tucked away from all the noise of the region, Orchard Camps is the perfect place to relax and get lost in the calming rhythm of the flowing waters of the Parvati River. Surrounded by mighty hills and blessed with a surreal atmosphere, this campsite will allow you to breathe fresh air and indulge in the best hiking and sightseeing experiences.

Jalpa Camps

Jalpa Camps is one of the camps for staying in Kasol, offering a quiet escape into the mystical realm of nature. The camp provides fantastic taste-bud pleasing vegetarian food that will tempt you to come back here over and over again.

This is among Kasol’s most famous camps. A sight to see is the mesmerizing views of the hilly mountain ranges along with the gurgling sound of the water streams.

Mahadev River View Camps

Mahadev River View Camps are renowned for offering the Parvati River and the surrounding lush green valley with spectacular sights. It is situated within walking distance of the center of the city and is a great escape for adventure fans.

They offer several options for sleeping, including luxury tents and even inexpensive camps. Don’t forget to taste the tasty local treats that are served here. This is one of the most sought after camps in Kasol.

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