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WhatsApp Introduces Pinned Messages for Individual and Group Chats

Messages in a WhatsApp chat can be pinned for 24 hours, seven days, or 30 days.

WhatsApp is introducing a new feature that allows users to pin messages in chats to make it easier to find critical conversations. Users can use this functionality to highlight and pin a certain message in both individual and group conversations. A message can be pinned in the chat for up to 30 days. Pin messages of any type, including text, polls, and emojis. Users, however, can only pin one chat at a time.

On Tuesday, Meta-owned instant messaging program WhatsApp announced the arrival of Pinned Messages via a post on X (previously Twitter). The functionality allows users to highlight and pin a specific message in any current one-on-one or group conversation. This would be perfect for highlighting crucial facts such as an address, date, or phone number, as well as providing rapid access to previous messages.

Users can pin a conversation by long-pressing on it and selecting Pin from the menu. A message can be pinned in the conversation for 24 hours, seven days, or one month; however, the default period is seven days.

Text messages, files, emojis pictures, polls, and videos of all forms can be pinned. Admins in WhatsApp groups can choose whether to allow only admins or participants to pin messages. Users will, as usual, be able to unpin these messages at any time.

WhatsApp’s messaging competitors, Telegram and iMessage, already have a pin message capability. This update had already been discovered on WhatsApp beta for Android

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Meta’s instant messaging platform has recently received a slew of new capabilities. View Once was recently introduced by WhatsApp for voice communications. Users can use this feature to send a voice message that will disappear once the recipient has listened to it.

WhatsApp is also rumored to be developing a new feature that would allow users to send HD photos and movies in status updates. It is also rumored to be working on an optional function that will allow users to share WhatsApp statuses directly to Instagram.

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