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Huawei Vision to Compete With Apple Vision Pro: Report

According to reports, Huawei Vision could sport the same display panel in a lightweight Body.

According to a new report, Apple Vision Pro may soon face fierce competition from Huawei’s anticipated mixed-reality headset. Apple introduced its $3,499 headset to the market earlier this month, powered by dual M2 and R1 chipsets and sporting 12 distinct cameras. However, the Chinese brand’s wearable device, rumoured to be called Huawei Vision, has the potential to outperform its Cupertino-based rival in a variety of ways. Notably, it is said to weigh half as much as the VisionPro.

The details about Huawei’s unreleased headset comes from a Weibo post by Li Nan, the former marketing director of Chinese consumer electronics business Meizu (via Huawei Central). In the tweet, he not only revealed the product’s name as Huawei Vision, which was apparently trademarked by the firm in 2019, but also stated that it might be a better bargain than the Apple Vision Pro.

According to the report, the mixed-reality headset might weigh 350g, which is half of the Apple Vision Pro’s 600g weight. However, a lighter weight does not necessarily indicate a lower quality product. Li Nan also stated that the Chinese brand may employ the same 4K Sony micro-OLED panel that Apple uses for its headset.

It is worth noting that the majority of customers have rated Apple’s wearable’s display as the most impressive feature. Furthermore, the Huawei Vision is expected to cost $1,750, which is half the price of the Apple headset.

Aside from that, the report said that Huawei Vision might be powered by the company’s natively designed processors and provide a zero-lag experience. It would be interesting to see how the company intends to find the necessary Silicon innovation to support such an emerging technology while competing with Apple’s processors, which are reported to handle data from the Vision Pro’s numerous sensors with a 12ms response time and 256GBps bandwidth.

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One drawback mentioned in the post is the lack of a function akin to Apple Vision Pro’s EyeSight. This function projects a replica of the user’s eyes onto the outer end of the glasses, allowing non-users to interact with the person. However, some users have reported disliking this function since it appears strange.

While no official debut date has been announced, Huawei’s mixed-reality headgear is expected to be released later this year.

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