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YouTube Testing a Dream Screen Feature for Shorts: Details

Users can use the YouTube Shorts feature to produce AI images for the background by typing in a text prompt.

YouTube is testing a new artificial intelligence (AI) function for Shorts, a minute-long vertical video format. The Dream Screen function will add a custom green screen image generated by AI to the videos.

This feature is most likely aimed at people who like creative backgrounds that stand out in videos or are thematically matched with the video’s content. This is an experimental feature from the video streaming giant that is now only available to a limited number of Shorts creators.

On Monday, Google’s video-sharing platform announced the new feature on its support page. The company stated, “We’re experimenting with a new feature, Dream Screen, that uses AI to generate image green screen backgrounds for Shorts.” YouTube did not reveal the AI model used for this feature.

Once users have access to Dream Screen, they can provide a text prompt describing what they want to see in the background. As one example, the post suggested users can request a “fancy hotel pool on a tropical island,” and the AI will build it immediately. Once created, it can be used as the video’s background.

The short post explained the feature but did not go into detail on numerous parts of it. For example, it did not specify if the background should be added during the recording process or if it could be added to an already recorded video.

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Further, it is still being determined whether users will need an actual green screen to see the effect, or if it may be generated digitally, like with Google Meet. Notably, the company did not mention any constraints for creating AI photos. These instructions may appear on the Dream Screen feature page.

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