YouTube Music Shows New ‘Replay Mix’ For Most Played Songs

Your most commonly played songs from the past few weeks will feature in this ‘Replay Mix’ playlist.

YouTube has started focusing on its algorithmic playlists lately. YouTube Music recently renamed its iconic ‘Your Mix’ playlist and also introduced seven new daily mixes over the past year.

Additionally, there is a new “Replay Mix” that has started appearing for many YouTube Music users that basically includes their most commonly played songs from the “past few weeks”.

This new Replay Mix playlist appears ahead of the My Supermix list in the “Mixed for you” section on the YouTube Music app. The cover for this playlist features the standard record-inspired design in tones of blue, green, and orange.

Much like the ‘My Supermix’ playlist, the new Replay Mix list can feature about 100 songs and allows for endless autoplay after you’ve reached the end of it. YouTube Music describes this playlist as a “mix of songs you’ve been listening to most in the last few weeks”.

To be honest, though, this is not a new feature. YouTube Music’s Replay Mix can be directly compared to Spotify’s “On Repeat” playlist that highlights tracks that you’ve been listening to recently.

However, this new feature has been spotted by users all over Reddit and this indicates a wide rollout to YouTube Music users across multiple countries, as 9to5Google points out.

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Importantly, this new Replay Mix list might end up having something in common with your Supermix playlist if you do end up listening to this new auto-generated playlist often. But given that both these lists should ideally have your top played tracks, you are probably sorted.

The Replay Mix playlist should appear before the My Supermix list under the ‘Mixed for you’ tab that loads when you open or reopens YouTube Music on mobile or your desktop.

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