YouTube Brings Picture-In-Picture Mode For iOS Users

It looks like the much-demanded YouTube feature is finally available.

YouTube has rolled out picture-in-picture support as an experimental feature for its premium subscribers, allowing them to watch a video in a small window when the app is closed.

As per The Verge, in June, YouTube announced it would be bringing picture-in-picture to iOS. Now, it seems the much-demanded feature is finally available, though perhaps for a limited time and only for YouTube Premium subscribers currently.

If you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber, open up a web browser and head to Scroll down to where “Picture-in-picture on iOS” is listed and click “Try it out.”

You’ll be prompted to sign in to your account. Then, while watching a YouTube video, just navigate away from the app using the home button or by swiping up and picture-in-picture will start. Locking your phone screen while watching PiP will pause the video, but you can resume it via the lock screen media controls.

Now, when you open a video in the YouTube app on your iPhone, if you close the app (either by swiping up or clicking the home button), the video will continue playing in a small window. You can move that window around and do other things on your phone, and it will continue playing.

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YouTube says the feature is “Available until 31 October,” and we’re not sure what happens after this date. Fingers crossed that will be when YouTube – as promised in June – will be bringing the feature to all users, not just paid ones. Picture-in-picture mode was launched in iOS 14 back in 2020.

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