YouTube Adds Voice Search To Its Web App

Now you can use voice commands to search for videos on the YouTube web.

YouTube added voice search to its web app. You can now use voice commands to search for videos on YouTube, and also navigate parts of the UI. Voice search is already available on YouTube’s Android and iOS apps, and it’s finally here for the web version.

YouTube’s web app now features a microphone icon just next to the search bar. Then you’ll have to give microphone permission for the YouTube site to enable voice search.

You can then tap on the microphone and speak out what it is you wish to search on YouTube. You can also tap on the microphone icon again to turn it off. This feature was first spotted by 9to5Google, and it’s already available widely.

YouTube’s voice search feature can understand queries quite well and also smartly. As 9to5Google pointed out, you can use commands like, “show me cat videos,” and YouTube will narrow it down to “cat videos”.

The same works for queries like “show me k-pop videos” or “show me trending videos” which will only search for k-pop videos or trending videos, respectively.

YouTube’s voice search can be used for other queries as well. You can ask YouTube to show your subscriptions, watch history, top trending videos, your library, and more.

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YouTube has been making some improvements to its app as well. It recently added the audio and closed captions buttons to videos in the feed. So if you’re watching videos from the feed itself you can mute or unmute and turn on/off the closed captions. The updated UI is visible on YouTube’s Android app.

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