YouTube Adds Bedtime Reminders To Its App

This new feature is available on YouTube's Android and iOS-based apps.

Present circumstances increased the overall screen time on Youtube. With increasing view count YouTube launched a new feature to help you cut down your screen time on its platform.

The company has rolled out a feature called ‘Bedtime Reminders’ that lets users set reminders at specific times so that they stop watching videos and, well, go to bed.

Users can set the start and end times as per their convenience. They can also decide whether or not they want the prompt to interrupt the video that they are watching or wait until the video is over. Additionally, they can also dismiss or snooze reminders.

YouTube says that it has started rolling out this feature to its Android and iOS-based apps and it will be available to all users across the globe in the next few days.

Notably, YouTube’s Bedtime Reminders joins the list of Digital WellBeing features the app has to help users cut down on their screen time and unwind.

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To give you a quick brief, the app has a Take a Break feature that lets users set reminders to take a break from watching videos. These reminders can be set to appear every 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes.

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