Windows 11 Now Let You Change Your Default Browser Easily

Microsoft makes it easier to change Windows 11 default browser with the help of a new button.

Windows 11 had previously made it difficult to switch your browsers away from Microsoft Edge. However, Windows 11 is ready to change this!

With the recent Windows build 22509, Microsoft has introduced a button to the settings that will allow you to quickly change the default browser according to your preference, Twitter user Rafael Rivera tweeted.

As per the image shared by the Twitter user, when you go to the file associations page for a browser such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla, you will see a button at the top right which lets you make it your default browser.

Microsoft has confirmed that this change is in the works, but it hasn’t said whether we’ll have to wait until next year for a complete feature upgrade or whether it’ll be provided as part of a cumulative update to Windows 11.

Reportedly, the new Windows 11 browser change process is even more simple when you open a new web link. It can be accessed just the way you used to get the pop-up window when you installed a new browser or opened a new web link for the first time.

The default will not be changed until you select “always use this app.” It’s easy to forget to select the “always use this app” option, and instead run the browser you want from this prompt, never seeing the default choice when you click web links again.

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This development is a significant one as Microsoft mostly attempts to push people to use the Edge browser. If you try to access a link outside of a browser with Windows 11 and you have multiple browsers installed, you’ll be asked to select one.

However, unless you choose a different browser and choose the checkbox to make that browser your default, Edge will be the default from then on.

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