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Wife Sharing: Reasons And How To Protect Yourself

Have you found yourself in a situation when your husband wants to share you with another man? This so-called wife sharing probably the worst thing any woman ever wanted in her life.

You think everything going smooth in your relationship and suddenly he tells you that he wants you to share with another man. This kind of starts all kinds of emotions running through your head and starts to doubt your love for him.

Before getting into any conclusion lookout for these possible reasons and if you think you think your man has something from this then try to solve it out with recommended solutions.

What Is Wife Sharing?

Wife sharing is the instance where you and your husband agree to have sexual intimacy with another set of couples, and it doesn’t go beyond that.

Many take this as same to wife swapping. But remember wife sharing and wife swapping are two different things.

Wife swapping is the instance when you and your husband exchange one another with the other couple. This not only includes sexual intimacy but also with the intention to live like husband and wife for a temporary time.

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Wife Sharing: Reasons

1. Punishment

This may be one of the common reasons of wife sharing. If you have previously done something which hurt him badly then he may come up with this idea to punish you.

It’s like he may have seen you with someone else in a romantic way and he wants to give you the punishment for that.


If you have done something wrong then be sorry and make him realize that it was a mistake. This may take time but if you stay true to him then he will definitely forgive you.

Alternatively, if you did that intentionally then it’s better you should end this relationship.

2. Pleasure Of The Taboo

Another possible reason relates to the pleasure of taboo. Your husband might be the one who wants you to see getting physical with another man. There may be several reasons behind it like breaking the traditional rule of marriage or just thrill.


Make him realize that you don’t want to be with anyone else except him. Further, if he wants to take the pleasure then try to find out different ways to keep the excitement while being physical with him.

3. Financial Gain

The general belief is that a man who consistently sexes a woman automatically subjects himself to being financially responsible to the woman, at least for her welfare.

This might be one of the reasons your husband may want to share you with another man because of the monetary benefit that comes with it.


If he is doing this for financial gain then make him believe that there are other ways of earning money and this is something you don’t want to do.

4. Physical Health Challenges

Health challenges are another reason for wife sharing. Some men are down with lots of physical health problems, and this has resulted in their poor sexual or zero sexual performance with their wives.

This makes them feel bad for you and as a result, they plan to share you with another man.


If he is doing this for you then discuss this with him and make him realize that it’s his love you more than physical pleasure. Further, if you too want to go for wife sharing then you can agree with him.

The Bottom Line

Although most women resist wife sharing there are some couples who do and enjoy this activity. However, if you are not ok with wife sharing, try to follow up with the reasons and apply possible solutions to build a healthy relationship.


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