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Who Is My BF Texting? Signs, Tips To See Who Are They Texting

Who Is My BF Texting: You trust your partner with all of your heart yet you have a doubt that your boyfriend is speaking to someone else. You are trying to assume that he is texting to some of his friends but still, negative thoughts come to your mind.

If you have questions in mind like who is my bf texting? is he speaking with a female friend? then its time to solve it out to avoid any disturbance in your relationship.

You have every right to be concerned if your boyfriend is giving more attention to his phone than he is to you. It can be difficult to sit there while he texts away. Surely, he should be giving you all of his love and effort to you, not to his phone.

To get things clear and help you with this situation I am here to guide you. Just follow this article to find out the answer to your difficult situation by yourself.

Who Is My BF Texting?


In order to find out the answer to your question “who is my bf texting?” you have to first look at the signs to ensure that’s what you think he is doing. Next, we will take a look at how you can see who it is that your man is messaging all the time.

Lastly, we will discuss what you should do when you find out your man is speaking to someone else, and how to move forward in the best way possible.

Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Texting Someone Else

1. He Is Using It All The Time

This is the primary sign. It can be particularly ruder and feel unfair when your man is on his phone and ignoring you. Who could he possibly be speaking to that is more important to him than you? It could be his new love interest.

2. He Won’t Let You Use His Phone


This is another reason to believe that your boyfriend is texting someone else. If he is protective over you going on his phone then it’s alarming. It’s the kind of situation when he snatches his phone away and doesn’t let you on it. He might also change the password on his phone and not tell you it so that when he isn’t around you can’t use his phone.

3. You Feel It

When you feel something is wrong then it’s probably wrong. This kind of feeling comes when you see him acting weirdly around you. He is doing all these to hide his conversations from you. Further, you know him better than anyone, so if you have a feeling that he is texting someone else then it may be the situation.

Ways To See Who Your Boyfriend Is Texting

There are several ways for you to find out who your boyfriend is texting, but I need to tell you that if you can’t be open and honest with your boyfriend, then this isn’t a very healthy relationship in the first place.

In a committed and loving relationship, you should be able to share everything with each other and as soon as you see something going wrong, you communicate with each other and try to fix it.

However, If you want to figure out the truth without letting him know then you can follow these ways.

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1. Look On His Phone When He’s Not Around


You have to look for the situations when he has to left his phone – this can be going into the bathroom to the swimming classes. Take these situations to find out what he is hiding.

This might be hard if your boyfriend has a passcode on his phone that you don’t know, or if he spends a lot of time with it by his side. However, I am sure you will be able to find a way to know it.

Remember, you can’t let him catch you on his phone, or he will accuse you of not trusting him which can turn in to a big argument.

2. Spy His Phone

Although it’s a big invasion of privacy, if you want to know the truth then you have to do this. You can download spy programs that will look at what is happening on your boyfriend’s phone.

Further, it might tell you who he is texting, calling or contacting on social media. Additionally, you can purchase one of the good spy application for the best results.

I would only recommend using this as a final resort. If you can figure out who your boyfriend is texting any other way, it’s a much better, safer and less costly idea.

How To Confront Him When Found Out The Truth

If you have the evidence you need it’s time to confront your boyfriend. Remember to stay calm when you are confronting him, otherwise, it might just turn into a shouting match. Tell him how you feel rather than accuse and blame him.

Make him realize that even if they were just texting a coworker, they shouldn’t be secretive about who they’re talking to. Relationships require both trust and openness from both sides.

The Bottom Line

Hope this post helps you get all the information you want to know to find out the question in your head “who is my bf texting?”.

Remember, whatever the decision you both take you need to make sure you are always strong-willed. Don’t let anyone walk over you, because you deserve so much more than that. Hopefully, you will find out someone who will be loyal to you.

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