WhatsApp’s upcoming features include Facebook Pay and more

WhatsApp’s next big features include registration notifications, blocked contact notice, Facebook Pay integration and more.

WhatsApp’s latest beta updates unveiled new features the messaging app is working on. These features when and if released will arrive on the WhatsApp iOS and Android apps.

Some of these WhatsApp features are still in the alpha stage while some can be encountered on the public beta versions.

As for dark mode on WhatsApp, this feature is almost done for Android and iOS. There are a few tweaks remaining for WhatsApp dark mode but it should be ready for release very soon.

WhatsApp is yet to confirm when it will start to roll out the update for dark mode for its users. It is also working on more exciting features and some of which are listed below.

Facebook Pay

The messaging app is implementing Facebook Pay. This was first discovered on the Android app and it has now appeared on the iOS app as well. With this integration, WhatsApp users will be able to use Facebook Pay within the app.

Blocked notice

WhatsApp is working on a blocked contact notice which will appear in chats where users have blocked contacts. The notice will say – “You blocked this contact. Tap to unblock”. However, note that this notice will be visible only to you and not the person blocked.

Registration notifications

It was earlier reported that the company is working on multi-platform support for the messaging app. This would allow users to use one WhatsApp account on more than one device.

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WhatsApp is expected to use registration notifications for this feature. If users try to register their WhatsApp account on another device they will be notified of a registration code.

New Facebook redesign

WhatsApp recently integrated Facebook branding on the messaging app. The Facebook branding has now been redesigned making the logo more prominent. Facebook is now shown in capital letters making it more visible for users.

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