WhatsApp’s latest update brings call waiting feature and more

WhatsApp’s latest update for iPhones brings call waiting feature, group privacy settings and more.

WhatsApp has a new update for iPhone users and this time it brings important features like the new group privacy settings, call waiting, Braille keyboard integration and also a redesigned chat screen.

WhatsApp version for 2.19.120 is now available on the App Store for iPhones. Users can go ahead and download the latest WhatsApp version from the App Store to experience the new features.

Starting with the privacy settings for WhatsApp, iPhone users have another option of blocking people out from adding them to groups. This new feature actually replaces one option from the privacy settings for WhatsApp groups.

The new WhatsApp feature can be found in the settings menu > privacy > privacy > groups. Here, users will find three options – everyone, my contacts and my contacts except.

Here, WhatsApp has replaced ‘nobody’ with ‘my contacts except’. This means that users have to manually select which contacts they want to bar from adding them to WhatsApp groups.

As the name suggests, call waiting support now allows users to receive a WhatsApp call while they’re already on another call. This allows iPhone users to accept WhatsApp calls even when they’re on another call.

Prior to this update, users would know that the phone is busy but their WhatsApp call wouldn’t get through. This new update makes things clearer and gives users another option for WhatsApp calls.

WhatsApp has also redesigned the chats screen making it easier for users to quickly scan through their messages. The chat screen on WhatsApp for iPhones outlines text clearer for users.

WhatsApp has also enabled Braille keyboard support for users to directly send messages using VoiceOver mode.

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