WhatsApp Working On Flash Call Feature For Verification

WhatsApp could soon give users another option to verify their phone numbers by making a call.

WhatsApp is testing a new feature to verify phone numbers when logging into a new or different device. WhatsApp currently lets users verify their phone numbers by sending a verification code via SMS.

The new feature will let WhatsApp make a call to verify the phone number. This feature is reportedly called “Flash Call” and it’s currently under development.

This is optional though and users can choose to verify their phone number through the SMS process. Users can choose to give WhatsApp permission by selecting “continue” or deny by selecting “not now”.

Then, the original process of verification by sending a code via SMS will be done. WhatsApp always asks for verification of your phone number when switching to a new device or a different one.

The new feature will give users another option to verify their WhatsApp phone numbers.

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WhatsApp is currently developing this feature, and it’s not visible to users in the public beta program. There’s no word on when it will roll out the feature to all users.

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