WhatsApp Will Receive A Copy Of Recent Messages When A User Reported

This new feature will help in the process of verifying a report easier.

WhatsApp working on a new feature that improves the app’s reporting tool. WhatsApp will now receive a copy of the recent messages from the reported chat on the app.

The new WhatsApp features are rolling out to the app’s beta users on Android. WABetaInfo notes that WhatsApp update comes with the new in-app reporting features.

WhatsApp chats that are reported will now go with a copy of the most recent chats from that particular chat. The pop-up message for reporting chats reads, “Most recent messages from this user will be forwarded to WhatsApp.”

It looks like there’s no option to not send messages from the chat. But this would add to more evidence WhatsApp would require to take actions on that particular WhatsApp account.

The new update is applicable to WhatsApp’s group and business chats as well. While it mentions the most recent messages, it’s not clear exactly how many messages will be sent to WhatsApp along with the report.

WhatsApp users can report users on the app by opening the chat, and scrolling down to select ‘Report Contact’. You can choose to block and report the contact, or only report.

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In its FAQ the company mentions that since it doesn’t have the contents of messages this limits their ability to verify the report and take action. Also, reporting users on WhatsApp may not necessarily lead to the user getting banned.

With the new update of sharing the contents of messages, it could help with the process of verifying and taking action on the reported user.

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