WhatsApp Web To Get New Icons, Calls Button Soon

WhatsApp is also planning to change the loading screens in WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp Web is a fairly popular platform that enables WhatsApp users to ditch their smartphones and access the messaging platform from their browser windows. However, it doesn’t allow users to make calls from. Now, a new report says that WhatsApp is planning to change that.

As per a report by WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp is working on a new call feature for WhatsApp Web that would enable users to make or receive a call from the company’s web-based platform.

The image shared by the blog site indicates that the call buttons, which include a video calling button and a voice calling button, will be placed towards the left side of the search button. This feature is in the development stage so it would take some time for the users to get their hands on it.

In addition to this, WhatsApp is also planning to redesign attachment icons in WhatsApp Web. The change, essentially, is being made in the Camera and Gallery icons.

At present, the camera icon consists of a camera that is placed inside a multi-colored circle, while the gallery option consists of an image that is placed inside a circle with varying shades of Purple.

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On the other hand, other icons, which include Rooms, Contact, and Document options consist of a dual-tone design. Now, WhatsApp is planning to change the Camera and Gallery option to feature a dual-tone design in shades of Red and Purple.

The company is also planning to change the loading screens in the WhatsApp Web. The new loading screen when rolled out but will include new labels that will indicate that the process is end-to-end encrypted.

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