WhatsApp Web Message Reaction Feature To Change Your App Life

The new WhatsApp Web feature will improve user experience hugely.

WhatsApp Web will soon get this great new feature and change the way you react on the app with your family, friends, and colleagues forever. The company is working on a new WhatsApp Web feature for its apps on Android and iOS.

This is similar to Facebook Messenger and Instagram and will go a long way in boosting the fun quotient for users. The WhatsApp Web Message Reaction feature is still in the development stage and once rolled out, it will enable users to quickly share their reactions to specific messages in the form of emojis. In fact, WhatsApp is working to roll out this feature on both WhatsApp desktop and WhatsApp Web platforms.

WABetaInfo reports that as of now, all emojis can be used as WhatsApp Web Message Reactions and everyone in a group can see who reacted to a message.

Furthermore, the blog site reports that this WhatsApp Web feature ensures that messages can have an infinite amount of reactions, but if a message has more than 999 reactions, it will read as “999+” reactions.

Sharing more details about this WhatsApp feature for WhatsApp Web, WABetaInfo on Twitter said that a user can react to a message multiple times with different emojis and that the process to send a reaction is end-to-end encrypted, so nobody outside the chat can see your reactions.

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The blog site shared that the WhatsApp Web Message Reactions is not only being developed for groups but also for individual chats, which means that WhatsApp users will be able to react to messages with emojis anywhere on WhatsApp’s platform. At the moment, this feature is in development. It is expected to be available with a future WhatsApp Web update.

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