WhatsApp To Get The In-App Ban Review Feature Soon

The Facebook-owned company is developing the in-app ban review feature for its Android and iOS-based apps.

WhatsApp has been working on bringing a number of key features to its platform. Now, word is that the company is working on an in-app functionality that will enable users to request to review a ban if they feel that their WhatsApp accounts have been wrongly banned.

Once users have submitted the request, WhatsApp’s Support team will review their request, which includes reviewing a user’s account activity to verify if there is something wrong.

After completing their review, the company will restore the user’s account if they find out that their systems had wrongly flagged their account. If not, the ban will continue and the user will have no choice but to switch to a different phone number to use WhatsApp.

The blog site reports that this feature is being developed for WhatsApp beta for Android and that it is expected to be available with the next update. Separately, the company is also working on including a similar functionality for WhatsApp’s iOS-based app.

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In fact, WhatsApp started working on the in-app ban review feature for its iOS app way before its Android app. That said, WhatsApp hasn’t confirmed anything yet and it remains to be seen when this feature will arrive in the main app.

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