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WhatsApp Spotted Working on AI-Powered Image Editor

WhatsApp's new AI features are slated to arrive on iOS and Android.

According to a feature tracker, WhatsApp is currently developing a feature that will allow users to edit their pictures with an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered editing tool. When the tool is made available to users in the future, they may be able to instantly change the background of an image, restyle it, or ‘expand’ it using AI.

Meanwhile, the company is developing a feature that will allow users to ask queries of the company’s ‘Meta AI’ service directly from the search bar.

According to feature tracker WABetaInfo, which has a solid track record of discovering new features on the messaging app before they are released, the current WhatsApp beta for Android update includes code for an AI-powered image editor. Users who have signed up to get beta versions of the app cannot yet try the functionality because it is still in development.

A screenshot shared by WABetaInfo shows an early version of the feature on the UI that appears while sending pictures on WhatsApp for Android. A green symbol appears at the top, to the left of the HD icon, and when tapped, three options appear: Backdrop, Restyle, and Expand. As the feature is still in development, it is unknown what each of these features performs.

Meanwhile, the more recent WhatsApp beta for Android version includes information on another feature identified by WABetaInfo. The feature tracker discovered that you can use the search bar at the top of the app to question Meta AI — the company’s generative AI assistant for Meta products that competes with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

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It’s worth mentioning that both of these features are still in development, so you won’t be able to try them out even after switching to the most recent version of the app. These features are likely to be developed and improved before being made available to beta testers and all users. They are also expected to reach iOS users, ensuring feature parity between the two smartphone systems.

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