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What Makes a Good Love Song? Here’s The Best Tunes to WOO Your Favourite Girl!

When a love song hits your eardrums, what goes through your mind? Nostalgia? A rush of romantic thoughts? A deep-down animalistic sense of desire? Or perhaps just the urge to sing the lyrics to your lover?

Whatever your reaction to a soppy romantic tune, you cannot get around the fact that you react. Really look at it & we virtually all do; music has a LOT of influence over our emotions. Hence why love songs have been a major part of popular culture, ever since Shakespeare brought loved-up verses to stage back in the 1500s – the iconic Romeo & Juliet being proof in point.

However, with music being readily available via the internet, you wouldn’t be far wrong to say that love songs have (to a some extent) lost their impact; most of us are that used to hearing love songs that you could even go as far as to say we’re immune. Most likely why few of us shed a tear every time we hear someone singing any random love song… more like cringe.

Exactly why if you want to use music to impress a girl with music nowadays, you’ve a seriously bigger mountain to climb! You’re in need of a tune that triggers the release of dopamine at such a rate, her heart feels like it’s about to explode. A tough ask when love songs are blasting over the radio every minute of the day.

But fear not – there is a way around this. Love songs can still make your favourite girl lose herself in your arms. Only thing is, you need to be slightly more selective about which song you choose. So to help you do just that, here’s how to find those rare love songs that double as the key for a girl’s heart.

What makes a love song good?

While most love songs are alright, the great ones do one thing better than all the rest. 

Leonard Cohen couldn’t have put it more correctly when he touched on how human emotions are the ‘essence’ of love songs. Remember: the whole point of any love song is to touch the heart of the listener. Fail to do that & it’s nothing more than another song – i.e. in the listener’s eyes, meaningless gibberish.

But with that being said, emotion isn’t the only thing to keep in mind when choosing a love song. A LOT of love songs that are oozing in emotion can be incredibly cringe-worthy. In other words, not the ideal way to win a girl’s heart.

Hence why the best love songs are also in some way…

  • Relatable – As much as emotion is important, the subject of any romantic song needs to be relatable. Without that, any emotion expressed through a song can’t fully impact the listener. Exactly why the most iconic tend to be both specific, yet broad. Specific enough for them to feel personal, & broad enough for them to appeal to a mass audience. Listen to virtually any song by Frank Sinatra & you’ll soon see what we mean.
  • Have meaningful lyrics – In order to paint an accurate picture, the lyrics of any song have to retain some sort of core meaning. Lyrics that lack a sense of meaning & are used more like verbal fillers, opposed to carefully selected words, can make a song seem flat almost in an instant. Find a song with meaningful lyrics + a passionate delivery to match, & you’re far more likely to woo that special someone.
  • Feature a raunchy rhythm – Okay, so perhaps raunchy is too strong of a word, but whatever way you look at it, rhythm is a major part of any song – especially a love song. After all, it’s a song’s rhythm that gets people dancing in a nightclub, less so the lyrics. Point being that, much so in the same way, a love song with an infectious rhythm can encourage listeners to move & act in a certain way. Hence why high energy songs usually lead to groundbreaking dance moves & slow songs often lead to slow lingering kisses. The rhythm sets the tone.

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Some of the best songs to win over a girl’s heart…

In case you don’t have the time to do extensive research into the intricacies of your favourite songs, & spend time hand-picking the best, don’t worry. While every girl will be different, there are a select few songs that do seem to have a clean track record.

Some of the best songs for keying your way into a girl’s heart, include…

  • Just the way you are – by Bruno Mars
  • Nothing’s gonna hurt you, baby – by Cigarettes After Sex
  • The only exception – by Paramore 
  • Lay lady lay – by Magnet
  • Just the way you are – by Billy Joel
  • I don’t wanna miss a thing – by Aerosmith
  • Love will keep us alive – by The Eagles 
  • Wonderful Tonight – by Eric Clapton

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