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What is Powershell.Exe Virus? Facts and How to Remove It

Getting rid of the Powershell.exe virus should be the first thing for you.

From pop-up banner ads to strange icons, the Powershell.exe virus can make your computer act weird. If your computer shows these strange behaviour then you may have been infected with the Powershell.exe virus.

The Powershell.exe virus only affects Windows-based PCs. So if you have Mac then you are safe from this virus. This virus can’t affect smartphones, so don’t worry about your smartphone if your computer got infected with powershell.exe.

What Is the Powershell.exe Virus?


The Powershell.exe Virus is designed to steal data and information from your computer. It is a potentially dangerous form of Trojan which can disrupt activities on your PC such as web browsing.

You can’t easily identify this virus as it hides discreetly behind the common sounding name and opens your computer up to many risks and dangers. It can be potentially very destructive.

Generally, Powershell.exe gets into your system through valid software installation. So, if you are using a Windows-based system then its always wise to know about the software before installing it.

How Does Powershell.exe Work?

By default, Powershell.exe is a part of the Windows operating system. However, it can be hijacked by viruses and Trojans which turns it to act as a virus. Powershell.exe virus can turn your computer into a mess.

Once your system got affected by Powershell.exe virus, it starts acting weird and can make your browser show multiple pop-ups and notifications for adverts with those adverts often being suspicious and malicious in themselves.

Further, it can work like a Trojan allowing hackers to gain access to your data and information. This makes it important for you to delete the threat quickly so that the problem doesn’t escalate and get worse.

How Your System Gets The Powershell.Exe Virus?

Powershell.exe can get into your pc in a number of ways, however, the most common entry point of powershell.exe is through suspicious software downloads. Knowingly or unknowingly if you are downloading software from suspicious sites such as torrenting sites, cracked or nulled sites, then you are giving free hand to malware and trojans to get into your system.

Additionally, Powershell.exe virus can get into your computer via spam emails that include malicious attachments or files. It’s also possible to get the virus by accepting notifications on your web browser, so always accept notifications from secured websites. For this, you can check your browser for https symbol instead of http.

Remember, anywhere that the source is dubious is the perfect breeding ground for both Powershell.exe and other Trojans.

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How Do I Get Rid of the Powershell.exe Virus?


The most effective way to get rid of the Powershell.exe Trojan virus is to use antivirus software, as well as a malware removal app.

Antivirus software can take several hours to complete the process, depending on the speed of your computer, however, it also offers you the best methods in which to remove the malicious files.

It’s also worth installing a malware removal tool which helps detect malware that Powershell.exe could have downloaded to your computer before it causes any problems.

Alternatively, you can also use System Restore to return to an earlier point on your computer before you picked up the Powershell.exe virus. Just make sure to pick a time period where you know you definitely didn’t already have the virus on your computer.

Due to how dangerous Powershell.exe can be, it may be worthwhile reformatting and reinstalling your computer. It’s the best guarantee that you’ve completely deleted the Powershell.exe virus from your system.

How to Avoid Getting the Powershell.exe Virus Again?

There are a few important ways in which you can reduce your possibilities of being re-infected with Powershell.exe (or receiving any other virus). There are also specific tips that relate directly to Powershell.exe.

Always update your antivirus software and malware protection. Keep your antivirus software and malware protection up to date. New virus definitions are released regularly and these keep your PC informed on what to look for with new virus and malware-based threats.

Before installing any new programs just make sure to know its source. If you have downloaded the program from any suspicious site then it’s better to delete them and download them valid source. Using reputable sites for programs can reduce the getting viruses and Trojans like Powershell.exe drastically.

Don’t click on suspicious banner ads, the ads which come with download or install buttons. If you ever come across websites that show these types of suspicious pop ads then its time to say it goodbye to protect yourself viruses and Trojans like Powershell.exe.

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