US Tariff Exemptions: Apple to make Mac Pro computers in US

Previously Apple was moving production to China and with tariff exemptions things going to change.

Apple Inc said on Monday it will make new Mac Pro desktop computers at its Austin, Texas facility. This announcement came after the US government provided some relief on tariffs.

US trade regulators on Friday approved 10 out of 15 requests for tariff exemptions filed by Apple amid a broader reprieve on levies on computer parts. Apple requested for tariff exemptions for components like partially completed circuit boards.

“The new Mac Pro will include components designed, developed and manufactured by more than a dozen American companies for distribution to US customers,” Apple said in a statement.

The move by US officials could make it easier for Apple to assemble devices in the United States by lowering the costs of importing parts.

Apple added that the latest Mac Pro desktops will begin production soon at the same Austin facility, where previous generations of the computer have been made. However, the intermediate parts were subject to the levies.

Earlier this year, the new Mac Pro desktop became a political flashpoint when the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was moving production to China.

At that time Apple responded by saying “like all of our products, the new Mac Pro is designed and engineered in California and includes components from several countries including the United States.”

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