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10 Different Type of Hair Clips For Sexy Looks

Type of Hair Clips: Hair accessories unquestionably improve our look. One of the most common thing among them is hair clips which we all use every day. They are also part of the determinants as to whether you will look your best with different hairstyles.

Hair clips are not only popular but they are also handy for use. They are mostly used to hold your hair in place but they also act as styling accessories especially when you are trying some new hairstyles.

Although there are different types of hair clips, they serve the same or an almost similar purpose. Here are some of the best types of hair clips that are worth trying to get some sexy looks.

10 Best Type Of Hair Clips

1. Scunci No-Slip Grip Octopus Clip


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Say goodbye to bad hair days with Scunci No-Slip Grip Octopus Clips. From the makers of the original scrunchies, these no-slip hair clips are your answer for quick, easy-to-do hairstyles.

The simply smart design allows you to put your hair up effortlessly for distraction-free looks. All you have to do is a twist, turn, and tuck, and Scunci octopus clips will do the rest.

Don’t be fooled by their small size – these 8-pronged clips are strong enough for all-day hold. Simply open the clip and the special interlocking teeth will work their magic, keeping your long thick hair in place for as long as you want.

The no-slip grip technology stays put to prevent strays and fallout strands, even on thick curly hair. The unique rounded design fits for more hair than a traditional hair clip, making them just right for long hair or thick hair. And to ensure the prongs stay where they’re supposed to, they’re lined with a special no-slip coating.

These useful clips also come in handy for any other beauty routines: keep one by the sink or on the vanity to use while washing your face, while wearing a face mask, or applying makeup. You never know when you’ll need to put your hair up, and with Scunci, you’ll always be ready.

Reviewers say: “I have hair below my shoulders and I wear these every day when I walk and/or workout. The gel lining keeps them from pulling my hair and they stay secure. Good price for 2. I wish they were the same color but I use the darker one for housework/gardening.” says one buyer.

2. Women’s French Concord Curved Hair Clip


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A highly functional and versatile RC ROCHE ORNAMENT hair clip that comes in a trendy bridge shape. It features a strong grip and spring that can hold your hair in place without destroying or damaging your hair.

Further, this type of hair clip comes with no-slip spring hinge clips; fashion clips to avoid hair tangles and crease bend. Along with a side sliding jaw that makes it easy and convenient for you to style your hair in multiple ways, this accessory is trendy and fashionable.

Reviewers say: “For the price, I am very pleased with their strength/ configuration. I can gather my fine, blond, shoulder-length hair into a ponytail, twist it, flip it up and pin it to back of my head with a medium clip- no elastics, no scrunchies. Perfect for yoga class. These lie so flat that i can lay my head on the mat, no wobbling or shifting like on a ponytail or clip that sticks out.” says one buyer.

3. Fashion Creative Geometric Shape Hair Pins 


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These types of hair clips are fashionable and made of durable alloy, the products more strong and more durable. This holds your hair back curly or straight.

For super silky hair, though, suggest a little curl or some texturizing hair spray. The diverse assortment of colors and shapes, and add a simply stylish touch to your hair when you’re in a hurry.

The fashion design of these hair hairpins makes you charmer and more elegant, also good for daily dress up and going to party banquets or weddings.

Reviewers say: “These hair clips are adorable! They were bigger than I thought they would be! I was worried they were going to be small, the clips were a perfect size! They are good heavy Quality! They shipped fast!” says one buyer.

4. Elegant Handmade Hair Clips


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These gorgeous hair clips are made of handmade pearls and metal alloys. Each pearl is selected carefully, and all the beads on the clips are manually carefully connected by durable fishing lines, durable elegant, and sturdy.

The package comes with 12 different styles of hair clips. Fashion is elegant, and simple to meet various needs and fit most of hairstyles for women and girls.

These super fashion hair clips can fit most hairstyles and be used on various occasions in parties, weddings wearing, proms, evenings, daily life, work, school, holiday, etc.

Reviewers say: “This is my first review! Girls, these are absolutely awesome! Cute and tight. The package looks beautiful and nothing is broken. Definitely worth money.” says one buyer.

5. Non-Slip Colorful Hair Clips for Styling


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Pack of 12 hair clips with high elasticity spring, which lasts long even after repeated use. The hair clip is made of durable plastic, is lightweight, and will not rust or hurt the scalp.

These plastic hairpins are better than metal clips. The duck teeth clips are sturdy, lightweight, convenient to use, and can hold your hair tight while applying your face mask and washing your face.

With duckbills designed, they don’t slip easily and the grip is tight. Great for anyone who likes to curl or style their hair. Whether long, short, thin, or thick hair, it can hold them in place.

These Hair clips are available in multiple matte colors, so you can select the color based on your mood and preferences at any point in time. Available in Red, Blue, Purple, Black, Pink, and Brown.

Reviewers say: “I love these! They stick to my hair, they’re lightweight, and perfect for hair bow making in my opinion. I like how the material is like plastic since I’m allergic to metal and can’t touch regular hair clips. And these won’t rust!????❤????” says one buyer.

6. AIMIKE Hair Clips for Styling and Sectioning


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With a professional silicone band design, these clips don’t slip and the grip is tight, perfect for big or small sections of hair, no matter wet or dry hair.

With the silicone band, it will not leave traces on your hair. Great for anyone who likes to curl or style their hair and needs clips to hold up while styling.

Good for women with long or short, curling, or straight hair during hair styling and sectioning, placing your hair well, keeping your hairstyle fresh and amazing, very useful for home or barbershop use, buy them right now.

Reviewers say: “I bought this because my hairstylist uses the same thing when blow-drying and styling my hair. I threw out my old brush and use this one exclusively. Really like it.” says one buyer.

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7. DEATTI Hair Claw Clips


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Secure your hair all day long with the Essentials Double Teeth claw clips. Simple, practical design, and easy to use.

These offer a stylish solution to keep your hair looking neat, tidy, and away from your face, providing a secure hold on your hair and will not tug or pull.

3 Colors in a package! They all have a single purpose – to make sure you and your hair look amazing!

Reviewers say: “Really STRONG clips, FINALLY, FINALLY !!!! I have found a clip that actually holds my long hair during exercise, really hard, fast walking and doing the elliptical, these hold, thank you so much for this producer of this item, will re-order and throw all of my cheapy store-bought large clips away.” says one buyer.

8. Pearl Hair Clips Set


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With its classical design, the snap clip functions to hold the hair in place which stops the hair being looked messy. The clips can not only be applied in hair to keep it in place but in other places in your daily life to snap something in need.

Further, these hair clips are of smooth surfaces, No sharp ends, and gentle and comfortable accessories that minimize snags and reduce breakages.

Reviewers say: “I gotta admit these hair clips are gorgeous. I love all of them. I didn’t know they were going to be so big but I still like them. A must buy.” says one buyer.

9. Large Alligator Hair Clips


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The professional hair clips are made of durable metal. The alligator hair clips are anti-rust and can hold your hair tight while applying your face mask and washing your face.

These hairstyling clips can be used to hold big or small sections of hair without damaging or twisting your hair, no matter if your hair is wet or dry.

Further, it firmly holds hair sections no matter if your hair is thick or thin. Hairclip with a high elasticity spring lasts long even after repeated use.

Reviewers say: “I love these hair clips. I hate it when I need to pull my hair back to do my makeup and I wreck my hairdo with hair ties or other clips. These are awesome and don’t leave my hair messed up.” says one buyer.



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This simple yet unique design by RC ROCHE ORNAMENT features Premium luxe quality decorative accessories for girls, ladies, and teens; slide in strong grip comfy clips with inner jaw teeth for a tight hold.

The flexible double-hinged design is for thin, thick, fine, and medium hair for maximum hold. It is suitable for all hair types and also can be a perfect gift for women, teens, or girlfriends.

A super versatile hair accessory that is trendy and fashionable. Package in a 6-unit pack in sizes medium and small.

Reviewers say: “I have shoulder length, fine hair and pulling my hair back, in a half twist and clipping this in, it’s perfectly secure, while holds a no fuss almost up-do. I think it would work for a loose french knot if clipped in vertically! Great value for the money!” says one buyer.


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