Twitter Starts Testing ‘co-fleets’ In Brazil

Twitter has started testing ‘co-fleets’ for its Fleets feature in Brazil.

Twitter has now started testing “co-fleets” that essentially lets you and another user share Fleets together.

Twitter Fleets appear on top of the app along with the user’s profile picture. For co-fleets, both the user’s profile pictures will appear together along with their conversation.

Twitter has started testing co-fleets in Brazil where it first started testing Fleets.

To use co-fleet you’ll need to tag another Twitter user who will appear in the Fleet. The tagged person’s reply will also show up in the co-fleet. It’s like a conversation between you and that person which will be visible in Fleets.

Twitter is also working on revamping the UI of Fleets, as spotted by Jane Manchun Wong. These features include text colors, and displaying the username below the Fleets icon.

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The UI change also makes it look quite like the Instagram Stories interface as well. All these features are in testing and there’s no word when Twitter will make them available to more users.

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