Top 4 WordPress Plugins To Make Your Website Responsive

From JetPack to WordPress Mobile Pack, here are top 4 WordPress plugins to make your website responsive.

Within a few years of time, WordPress is very much popular among all. Whether it’s a corporate website, a blog, a magazine or an e-commerce store, it is considered as the most accessible and manageable resource.

With its popularity there exist a lot of themes and plugins, which makes it easy to create and manage your website.

With increasing mobile devices, everybody is looking forward to making their website responsive. If facts to be believed 25 percent of all search queries are done through the mobile device, so it’s pretty clear that in future mobile access will surpass desktops.

So if you are having a website or a blog, you should make it responsive right away to grab that extra amount of traffic. To attract more traffic to your website you should consider better page load speed and website responsiveness.

If your website stilln’t supports responsiveness then consider using below plugins to make it mobile responsive.

WordPress Plugins To Make Your Website Responsive

1. JetPack

JetPack is a popular plugin with all the features that you need for your website. It comes with “Mobile Theme” feature, which you can use to optimize your website for mobile devices.

Other must-have features like contact forms, Carousel in place of the gallery, custom CSS are also present inside Jetpack. Jetpack also provides “photon” for accelerating your website speed.

Suitable for: Those who are looking for free solutions to make their WordPress based website mobile friendly

2. WP Mobile Edition

WP Mobile Edition is another powerful plugin that can help you to turn your existing website into a purely mobile responsive optimized to support Android, iOS and other devices.

This plugin automatically detects devices and changes your website accordingly. It also provides users option to switch between mobile and desktop versions.

WP Mobile Edition plugin also provides different color schemes, smart formatting and much more. So if you want to turn your existing website into mobile friendly then you should consider using this plugin.

Suitable for: Those who already have a non-responsive website and searching for options to make it mobile responsive

3. WordPress Mobile Pack

This plugin completely changes your website to look like an app. The WordPress Mobile Pack allows cross-platform access, a pre-created theme with abstract covers, a responsive user interface, and post-synchronization.

You can also modify color schemes, fonts using this plugin. If you are planning to use this plugin then make sure that your WordPress installed version should greater or equals to v3.6.

Suitable for: Those who are looking for advanced options

4. WPtouch Mobile Plugin

WPtouch Mobile Plugin comes with some serious features like “Infinity Cache” and touch enhancements. Using this plugin not only makes your website responsive but also makes it blazing fast using mobile caching.

This plugin also provides image optimization for mobile devices, which helps reducing mobile loading time.

If you are looking forward to using this plugin then I will suggest that you consider using its Pro version as it provides a lot more options.

Suitable for: Those who are looking to provide unique user experience to their users



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