Tinder Makes Passport Feature Free For All Users

With Tinder Passport, users can virtually ‘date’ in different cities globally by just changing the location.

Dating app Tinder is making its ‘Passport’ feature free for all its users till April 30. This feature lets Tinder users change their location to other cities without having to move anywhere.

Tinder Passport is exclusive to the dating app’s Tinder Plus and Gold subscriptions. Tinder is rolling out an update for its Android and iOS apps sometime around March 26 which will enable the Passport feature to become free for all users. Tinder plans to make Passport free for all its users till April 30.

Tinder Passport essentially lets users explore other cities virtually by just choosing the preferred location. Users can either search a city by typing its name or pinning it on the map. Once the location is changed on Tinder, users can continue using it normally.

Tinder is location-based and with users stuck in only one location now, this feature should help them make conversations with more people.

How To Use Tinder Passport Free

Once this feature is available to all, users will simply need to tap their profile icon. Here, select the settings menu and tap on location. Users can then add a new location as they wish on Tinder.

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There’s no limit to the number of times the location is changed on Tinder. But users can virtually be one city at a time. Also, Tinder users whose profiles have been liked will get to see that user’s profile up to a day even after the location’s changed.

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