TikTok Pledges $10 Million To WHO’s Solidarity Response Fund

TikTok has also hosted a number of live streams on its platform with WHO experts in a bid to educate its users about the COVID-19 outbreak.

TikTok is donating a sum of $10 million to the World Health Organisation’s Solidarity Response Fund in a bid to help the global community and healthcare workers fight the novel coronavirus.

The news comes as a courtesy of TikTok President Alex Zhu who made the announcement in a blog post. “There are no words to express the debt we all owe those who are putting their personal safety at risk, who are voluntarily separating themselves from their own families, who are working around the clock and under incredibly challenging circumstances to save lives,” Zhu wrote in the blog post.

“Alongside many great companies and individuals, we’re passionate about doing our small part to contribute to this important cause and the critical work the fund enables,” he added.

Apart from donating $10 million, TikTok also said that it is donating important medical supplies to countries and communities in need.

The company has already announced that it is donating $3million via a partnership with After-School All-Stars (ASAS) to help ‘provide food for families who have been impacted by the loss of access to free or reduced-cost school meals.’

Additionally, the company is matching employee donations to a host of local and global organizations and NGOs. It is also partnering with the WHO to educate and inform people about the virus outbreak.

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TikTok has hosted a number of live streams with WHO experts in over 70 countries to provide information about the outbreak. “We’ve partnered with WHO to create an informational page on TikTok that offers tips on staying safe and preventing the spread of the virus, and dispels myths around COVID-19,” Zhu added.

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