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Threads Begins Testing Interactive Tags Without Hash Symbol

Meta's decision to integrate post counts for tags on Threads suggests that the platform may soon have a trending section.

Threads, the text-based microblogging platform that competes with X (previously Twitter), is testing tag support, a popular feature on the competitor messaging service. Tags work in the same way as hashtags on X, but without the hash sign.

Meta has also imposed some restrictions on the service’s use of tags. The new tags feature may open the road for support for hot topics on Threads, another popular feature on X.

Through Threads posts, Instagram Head Adam Mosseri and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the functionality was in testing, stating that users in Australia who are part of the test will now be able to tag topics to categorize them.

These tags can be based on a certain interest or theme, implying that they will function similarly to hashtags on Twitter. Three screenshots of the Threads app’s user interface offered by Mosseri show a hash button to the right of the microphone button in the post composer.

When you hit the button, you can begin typing a word and the app will suggest a tag, which displays in blue as a hyperlink on the post. However, unlike platforms like X or Mastodon, it appears that you can only add one tag to a post.

It’s also worth mentioning that when you try to add a tag to your post, the alternatives for tags that appear will also reveal the number of posts that include that tag. Threads presently lack a distinct section for trending tags or subjects, however, the addition of tag support signals that a trending part may be added to the app in the future.

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Meta stated earlier this week that it was adding support for users to remove their Threads profile without deleting their Instagram account. Users will be able to remove their Threads profiles without affecting their Instagram account, some five months after the service was launched, rather than just removing their account on the text-based social platform.

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