Stadia Confirms Family Sharing Is Coming This Year

Although there is no scheduled date, it's coming by this year.

Stadia has added a couple of new features to its platform recently but family sharing is still pending on the gaming platform that was launched in November last year.

However, Stadia has announced that the feature is going to launch soon, there are no details out yet.

Besides announcing that the feature is coming Google has just said that they are working on it as quickly as possible.

Besides this, there are still quite a few other features that Stadia needs to fill out and become a more well-rounded service.

There is the 5.1 surround sound for Chromecast Ultra users, launched for players on the web recently and the wireless Stadia controller support for people who play through Chrome or on Android phones.

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They have also added the on-screen keyboard so players can now see an on-screen keyboard on the web when they have a gamepad connected to Stadia.

There is also the mobile connection notifications that will show players notifications for the connection quality while playing on mobile devices.

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