Spotify Testing Polls For Podcasts Globally On Its App

The new polls feature is available on select podcasts, and for 90% of its users globally.

Spotify has been testing a new Polls feature for podcasts. Both the podcast hosts and listeners will be able to see the poll results in real-time. The new feature is currently being tested out globally with select podcasts on Spotify.

Polls will be available on the app for Spotify’s original and exclusive podcasts including The Rewatchables, Incredible Feats with Dan Cummins, Crime Countdown, and more.

The feature will be available to 90% of users on Android and iOS. Spotify is expected to make polls available to all users eventually and on more podcasts. The interface is similar to Twitter polls.

Spotify podcast polls will appear at the bottom of the Now Playing screen similar to how it shows lyrics. Once you scroll down you’ll see the poll question with four options to select from. Polls will also appear at the bottom of the episode page wherever the feature is activated.

These polls are pre-set and all you have to do is select the option from the list. Once you select your answer you’ll be able to see which option has received how many votes so far.

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The testing seems quite limited as polls don’t appear in all the episodes of the podcast. In some podcasts, you may only have one poll available.

Amid Spotify’s growing push for podcasts on its platform, the streaming service has introduced quite a few features for podcasts.

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