Spotify Launches ‘Spotify Greenroom’ For Live Audio Rooms

Spotify is relaunching the Locker Room app as ‘Spotify Greenroom’ where artists and users can take part in live audio conversations.

Spotify recently announced the launch of ‘Spotify Greenroom’, a platform for live audio conversations. Spotify Greenroom is essentially the Locker Room app that the company acquired earlier this year in March.

Spotify is relaunching it with a new identity and features as well. This launch also marks the entry for Spotify into audio rooms, a growing phenomenon popularised by Clubhouse.

Spotify Greenroom will feature Clubhouse-like live audio rooms giving artists and fans a way to interact with each other. The look and feel of the app have changed to the iconic Spotify green color. The interface will feel familiar to Spotify and Clubhouse users as well.

Spotify Greenroom has different groups for topics like celebrity news, comedy, and NBA. Live audio sessions are hosted under these groups so you’ll have to join a group you’re interested in from the ones available.

Spotify plans to add new programming on topics such as music, culture, and entertainment, and also sports content, a topic Locker Room has been known for. These groups are displayed on the Spotify Greenroom home screen, and it will show the different rooms that are currently live under each group.

Spotify Greenroom is open to any user with a Spotify login. It also lets any user host or participate in live rooms. When you create a room you will have to share it with a group to invite them to participate. You can also check the calendar to see upcoming rooms and set a reminder.

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There’s also the option to get the recordings of the rooms. Spotify will email a recording of the room once the session is over. There’s also a chat section that can be enabled while creating a room.

Spotify Greenroom is launching in over 135 markets globally. It will be available on iOS and Android devices.

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