Spotify Launches Music App For Kids With 6,000 Tracks

The Spotify Kids app gives children access to about 6,000 tracks which are specifically chosen for children.

Spotify has launched a dedicated app for children, called Spotify Kids. This app would allow kids above three to listen to their own music, both online and offline.

According to Spotify, it has spent more than two years working on Spotify Kids which they built by consulting with kids content experts.

The Spotify Kids app gives children access to about 6,000 tracks and all of the tracks have been specifically chosen for children. The app will be freely available to all Premium Family subscribers and children can be given their own accounts.

“Spotify Kids is a composite of playlists, which makes it easy for kids to find music and stories from their favorite movies and TV shows or hit plays on a playlist to sing along to during their favorite activity-or their least favorite chore.

Having a standalone app specifically for younger kids is a new space for Spotify, and we understand the sensitivities around content for children,” the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

The app is currently in beta and available in Ireland, and will be introduced to all markets that have Premium Family in the coming months.

“Spotify Premium Family master account holders can simply download Kids from the App Store or Google Play, then sign in to their regular Spotify account.

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For those outsides of Ireland, Kids will be rolling out to all markets that currently have Premium Family,” the company added.

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