Spotify Creates ‘Alone With Me’ AI Experience With The Weeknd

This experience features a digital avatar of The Weeknd who is designed to connect with listeners through their listening data.

Spotify has launched an immersive AI experience for The Weeknd that’s powered by listening data. Users can interact with a life-like version of The Weeknd and talk about their listening history of the artist on Spotify.

The AI experience for The Weeknd is called “Alone With Me” and it can be accessed through this link. You’ll have to connect your Spotify account to experience this feature.

Also, it’s better if you have a strong listening history of The Weeknd on Spotify. You’re greeted by this AI version of The Weeknd who starts off by calling out your Spotify username.

The Weeknd continues talking about highlights from your listening data. Things like the most listened to Weeknd song and duration will be mentioned.

The Weeknd will also mention when you first started listening to him on Spotify and which day you listen to his songs the most. You’ll also see The Weeknd change positions from walking to sitting on a chair or staring at you even.

The experience is pretty cool, however, this AI version of The Weeknd is slightly creepy. Also, the audio and lip movement isn’t synced properly.

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Spotify said it used AI and 3D mapping technology to get The Weeknd’s avatar for this experience. It also utilized existing footage and audio recordings of The Weeknd. After the conversation is over, three of The Weeknd’s songs from his After Hours will play with his visuals in the background.

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