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Small Boobs: What Men Really Think Of Them As Per Facts?

Whether small or big every girl has feelings. So respect them.

Do you have small boobs? Are you confused about what men really think of them? Well no need to be confused, most girls think just like that. Questions like Do I have little boobs? Does tiny breasts a turn-off? are common.

I have hunted the Internetnet and tracked down every single study I could find on little boobs and shared here.

Small Boobs: Do they really matter or not?

Well for most the shape that matters than the size. Here are few factors as per different studies,

1. Shape Matters Most

Many have different opinions, however, as per different surveys conducted by certain organizations size truly isn’t as important to a man’s breast preference as once believed. The study discovered that men see firm breasts most beautiful and for them its the shape that matters the most. However, they have different opinions on how big they should be.

2. Different Men Have Different Opinions

Almost 50 percent of men prefer the medium size, 35 percent chose “large” and the rest prefer “small”. So this indicates that all men aren’t the same. This study also indicates that poorer men like bigger breasts, while the richer like them smaller. The reason is unclear but this is one of the interesting facts to share.

Why small boobs are attractive to some men?

If the study shows most men prefer medium size then why do some men like small boobs? Here are the most common reasons that might explain the scenario to you.

1. Some men don’t like boobs

As per some surveys, a small majority of men don’t like boobs at all. That’s why they may prefer small breasts over large ones that are hard to bypass.

2. Thinness has become attractive

In Western culture, there’s a preference for skinny, small-boobed women and this is more of culture than biology. Studies even show that males who like small-boobed women are more sophisticated as they are not like those lower class citizens who have “big boob fantasies”.

3. Small breasts show youthfulness

Some men see small boobs as a sign of youthfulness. So they seek out for women who are sexually mature with small boobs as they relate them to healthiness and fertility.

4. Easier to dress up and easier to feel in the hand

Many men take small boobs as a positive sign as they can fit into any dress. Big breasts pose problems for fitting into different dresses and shapes with having a chance of looking too odd. Apart from that for some men, it’s a very appealing thing as they can easily able to cup them and it fits nicely in their hand.

5. Shows a well-proportioned body

Do you ever notice any man staring at your boobs? Well, some men are too possessive and take this situation negatively. That’s the main reason they choose small boobs over large ones. Apart from that small boobs also shows well-proportioned body and humans have a tendency to ascribe beauty to symmetry.

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Dating A Woman With Small Boobs: Top 4 Tips

  1. Admire their boobs. Like every other woman, they also like their body and by admiring them you will have a better place in her heart.
  2. Never bring up any topics regarding boobs or else you will end up in a bad position. Don’t ever bring up intimate topics like getting a boob job.
  3. Never try to gift a bra. Small boob girls prefer to buy their inner to fit their needs, so in most of the times, their bra size and material is not constant.
  4. Give enough attention to their boobs and don’t try to touch them bringing your hand near the chest.


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