Samuel L Jackson’s Voice Comes To Amazon’s Alexa

Amazon Alexa will soon surprise you with Samuel L. Jackson’s voice.

Amazon’s voice assistant ‘Alexa’ is getting ready to surprise to a lot of its users with interacting with Samuel L. Jackson’s voice. Recently Amazon added quite a lot of Alexa devices from eyeglass frames to smart ring. With these new gadgets, Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant is getting a ton of new features.

If reports to be believed, Amazon will start offering celebrity voices for Alexa starting with the Pulp Fiction star. With adding voices of famous celebrities, Amazon will definitely be going to see a sales boost in its Alexa devices. With the latest integration, Amazon Alexa users will get Samuel L. Jackson’s voice which will compete with Google Assistant’s John Legend’s voice.

Unlike past celebrity voices for Alexa, Amazon has used neural text-to-speech technology which can mimic human voices. “Samuel L. Jackson can help you set a timer, serenade you with a song, tell you a funny joke, and more,” Amazon said.

Amazon is also offering an explicit version of Samuel L. Jackson’s voice which users can always switch to whenever they feel like. Furthermore, Amazon is planning to add more celebrity voices for Alexa in the future. This, however, comes with a launch price of $0.99 which will later change to $4.99.

Users can get started by saying, “Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson”, and confirm the purchase. They can then use commands like, “Alexa, ask Samuel L. Jackson for the weather,” to which he’ll respond – “Ooo, Mother Nature is angry!”

Amazon also announced a new multilingual mode and frustration detection for Alexa. The multilingual mode will allow users to switch between two languages for Alexa seamlessly. Amazon is adding new language support along with frustration detection. These features will help its users better interaction with the voice assistance device.

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