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7 Question To Ask A Potential Boyfriend To Test Him Properly

Dating is always a blast; seriously, I am a big fan of old school dates and meeting new people. However, at some stage, you need to slow down and ask yourself what you want long term. After all, that’s usually why dates happen in the first place; or for me anyway.

Casual dates are entertaining here and there, but there is not anything more gratifying than walking home by an amazing date feeling as if you truly must know somebody.

Consequently, if you are finally looking to settle down, then here are a few questions to ask a potential boyfriend or anyone you select a date with for that matter. Heads-up: these are serious questions to ask a possible boyfriend.

If you aren’t quite at the stage where you think they would be a possible boyfriend, here are a few questions you must ask throughout the casual relationship stage.

Question To Ask A Potential Boyfriend

1. What are the most essential things in life? 

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This one is much like the former question to ask a prospective boyfriend. But this query lets you on their own morals. Quite often, and not surprisingly, individuals will respond with answers such as”financial stability” or anything else associated with the fund.

Personally, this response is really a red flag for me to get a possible boyfriend. Provided that you understand your personal priorities. This query actually elicits what they’d love to escape life.

2. What is that one thing you would love to do for the rest of your life?

This is one of these questions to ask a possible boyfriend since again, it shows what they believe to be a priority in their own lifetime. Personally, if that were a question I was asked, my response will hands down be “backpack around the world and take photographs.”

3. What is your important goal in life? 

This is one of the best questions to ask a possible boyfriend; it actually reveals a good deal about someone. It will let you know exactly what they are enthusiastic about, let alone if they have got any passion. Generally, this query gives rise to romantic dialogue.

How To Fix A Broken Relationship

There is nothing more admirable than watching someone illuminate about what they believe intimate about. This question will indubitably reveal if you want the very same things from life.

4. Who’s your biggest role model? 

This is one of the greatest questions to ask a potential boyfriend. Again, it’s very telling of their morals. Often times our role models are people we hope to be. In case he says some douche, you may want to reconsider.

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5. What is your favorite family tradition you like? 

I think any question concerning the family is an intimate one. Assess how he is dealing with the question to know the reality.

6. What’s your social life like? Do you have a huge group of friends? 

boyfriend social life

This is one of those important questions to ask a potential boyfriend to consider it or not. It sets the schedule for if you’re both introverts, extroverts, or vary. Often times they say an introvert needs an extrovert to balance out the social landscape but who knows.

It’s up to you to decide what you’re interested in. Nevertheless, it would be a bummer to be with someone who’s always heading out, if you’re the type to stay in.

7. Who in your life you are closest to? 

This is one of those tricky questions to ask your boyfriend to check whether you are on the top of the list or someone else.

The Bottom Line

These questions to ask a potential boyfriend are all questions that are romantic and spark a dialogue that is bound to show their character, morals, and priorities. All severe things you’d need to determine before committing to someone. Dating should be a gradual fun process, so enjoy it!

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