Opera Browser v61 For Android Brings New Features, Fixes

The integrated media player eliminates the need for third-party players and includes Play Queue support.

Opera is bumping the version number of its browser app to 61 with several improvements and some new features. One of the major additions this time is the integrated media player and WebSnap feature.

The update is out for Android users and also includes some 300 major or minor fixes. You can download it from Google Play Store.

The integrated media player not just eliminates the need for third-party players but also includes Play Queue support. This lets you watch or listen to downloaded media in the order you want.

All this can happen while you continue to browse a website. The media player also comes with picture-in-picture support.

Adding to that is the new WebSnap feature that lets you take a snapshot of the current page and easily add doodles, text, and emojis before sharing it with others. The feature can be accessed by navigating to the page context menu (three-dot menu on the top right).

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Furthermore, Opera browser v61 for Android makes it easy to scan QR codes. You can now see it directly in the search box on the start page, as well as on web pages.

“You can also create a handy shortcut on your device’s home screen by long-pressing the Opera app icon and dragging out the QR scanning item,” states the blog post.

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