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Best Non-Bluetooth Fitness Tracker: Complete Guide

Looking for a fitness tracker that is easy to use and straightforward? Then go for a non bluetooth fitness tracker.

Fitness Trackers and Pedometers have become more like an essential electronic gadget for fitness enthusiasts. These fitness trackers come with built-in applications to track and analyze your data over time. This helps you achieve a fitness goal easily without being worried about record keeping.

It is crucial to have a well-suited fitness tracker for your daily usage, for this going with a non-Bluetooth fitness tracker is one thing that I recommend to most people.

While there are many non-Bluetooth fitness trackers available in the market, it is hard to find the best among them that meets all our requirements. To make things easier for you I have listed some of the best non-Bluetooth fitness trackers that are worth buying.

Additionally, these fitness trackers without Bluetooth fall in the range of $19.99 and $149.98, which caters to high-quality, cheap, and value-for-money requirements.

Non-Bluetooth Fitness Tracker: Facts

1. What Is A Non-Bluetooth Fitness Tracker?

Fitness trackers without Bluetooth are fitness wearables that we do not need to connect to a tablet or smartphone because they don’t have any Bluetooth connectivity.

Further, they do not need an application either and are usually more affordable due to the lack of features. In addition, you do not have to synchronize any data into the phone.

2. What Are The Features Of Non-Bluetooth Fitness Tracker?

Non-Bluetooth fitness trackers come with a wide range of features like step tracking, walking/running distance monitoring, and track calories burned. Most of them have a 3D motion sensor to track physical activities with high accuracy.

Depending on the tracker they can even monitor your daily activity all day such as running and walking. Further, they can monitor your sleep and can be swim-friendly. Keep in mind that they do not require the internet or WIFI either.

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Because they have fewer features, non-Bluetooth fitness watches do not have many buttons and hence, are very easy to use. In addition, they do not use any applications and you can access stats or data right on your wrist.

Best Non-Bluetooth Fitness Tracker To Try In 2024

1. Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker

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4.3Our Score

Wear today’s fitness goal on your wrist with Vivosmart HR, an activity tracker with Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate technology. It’s a touchscreen activity tracker with a wrist-based heart rate and a full suite of smart notifications.

The sleek band is comfortable to wear all day, and the always-on display shows your stats, even in sunlight. Displays steps, distance, calories, heart rate, floors climbed, and activity intensity.

Receive text, call, email, calendar, and other alerts on your wrist when paired with your phone. Wirelessly syncs to your Garmin Connect account, our free online community where you can join fitness challenges and save, plan and share your progress.

This device comes by default with Bluetooth enabled, and you’ll have to manually disable it to use it as a non-Bluetooth fitness tracker.

For this follow these steps,

  • Hold your finger on the Vivosmart touchscreen until the menu pops up.
  • Select the Bluetooth icon, and then select Turn Off.
  • This will disable the Bluetooth technology, and you can reenable it by reversing this process.

Reviewers say: “Bought this for my girlfriend for Christmas and she loves it. The notification features are great and combined with the fact that this is waterproof made it a better buy.” says one buyer.

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2. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

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4.1Our Score

Reach your goals with the ultimate fitness partner, the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro. Durable and swim-ready, the Gear Fit2 Pro syncs with fitness apps, plays your music, stays on top of your stats, and connects you to your world.

Water-resistant up to fifty meters, now you can own the pool, run in the rain and recover in the shower with a device that withstands it all. Additionally, get a more accurate view of your performance and all-day calorie burn with continuous heart zone monitoring.

The best part about the Samsung Gear Fit2 is that it is one of the few quality fitness trackers on the market that let you disable Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, and still track things in real-time.

The Gear Fit2 comes with Bluetooth enabled by default, to turn this feature off, simply:

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  • From the home screen, use your finger to swipe to the left until you get to Settings
  • Tap on the screen with your finger to access the Settings
  • Tap on “Bluetooth”
  • Uncheck the box next to Bluetooth to disable it.

To reenable it to download the data from the day to your phone, simply check the box again to turn it back on.

Reviewers say: “I bought this as a birthday present for my boyfriend almost 2 months ago and there is not a day that he doesn’t enjoy wearing it. I did a lot of research on smartwatches before narrowing down on this one, but of course, an added bonus was that he uses a Samsung mobile as well.” says one buyer.

3. LOZO Fitness SC 3D Digital Pedometer

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3.9Our Score
  • Easy-to-Use Pedometer
  • 30-Day Memory Log
  • Visual Daily Step Target Indicator
  • All-Time Total Activity Counts

Are you looking for a simple but highly accurate way to keep track of your daily step, calories burned, distance, and exercise time status while walking, jogging, or running?

This non-Bluetooth fitness tracker is perfect for men, women, kids, seniors, and the elderly. With the large highly visible screen display and simple operation, this pedometer boasts a two-button configuration for hassle-free programming with no Smartphones, Bluetooth or APPs required to function.

While you walk, jog or run, the accurate digital sensor tracks your all-day status like steps, distance (km/miles), calories burned, and exercise time. It also saves, shows, and records your running total with the 30-day memory log to help you stay motivated!

Reviewers say: “This pedometer is easy to use. I like how I can remove the clip and keep it in my pocket all day. It is the first pedometer that I don’t have to guess what day I am looking at when using the memory log. It shows everything by the date and keeps me on track – love it!!! I highly recommend it.” says one buyer.

Non-Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Benefits

Non-Bluetooth fitness trackers provide several advantages for people who value simplicity, increased privacy, and longer battery life in their fitness tracking gadgets. Here are some of the main advantages of utilizing a non-Bluetooth fitness tracker.

Enhanced Privacy

Non-Bluetooth fitness trackers do not send data wirelessly, which reduces the possibility of data breaches and unauthorized access. This is especially important for users who are concerned about their personal information being shared or compromised.

Longer Battery Life

Non-Bluetooth fitness trackers often have a much longer battery life because they do not require the power demands of Bluetooth. This means less frequent charging and greater convenience for those who want a device that can run for weeks or even months on a single charge.

Easy to Use

These devices are often simpler and easier to use, focusing on basic fitness monitoring tasks that do not require app synchronization or advanced settings. This may be suitable for individuals who want simple technology.

Compatibility with Different Activities

Non-Bluetooth fitness trackers can be utilized in a variety of situations and tasks when wireless connectivity is unneeded or not possible. They are frequently more durable and can be worn in a variety of conditions.

Less Dependency on Smartphones

Non-Bluetooth fitness trackers are useful for users who do not want to carry their smartphones during exercises or who want to cut down on their screen time. These devices work independently, offering fitness data without requiring a smartphone connection.

The Bottom Line

It’s true that non-Bluetooth fitness watches aren’t for everyone but they can be a great tool for those who want to keep things simple. If you do not want to use sophisticated fitness watches or you just started working out, you may want to try a non-Bluetooth fitness tracker. After all fitness wearables are designed to help keep us healthy, motivated, and active.

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase then this blog may receive a commission. Although we receive a commission for using and linking affiliate products, they are extremely good and all our opinion and suggestions are unbiased.

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