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10 Pieces Of New Relationship Advice From Experts

When you get into a new romantic relationship it’s common to get butterflies because you like the other person so much you just don’t want to mess it up. But no need to worry as you are not alone.

A new relationship gives a lot of possibilities for both the person to know their needs, wants, and desires. Further, It’s a special time to create unforgettable memories together. However, with the new relationship, anxiety and jitters can definitely take away the excitement and can cause unnecessary pressure.

It’s a fact that the beginning of a relationship is tough to navigate, but it can also make or break the longevity of your romance. Here are 10 key pieces of new relationship advice to start off on the right foot.

New Relationship Advice

1. Don’t Make Comparisons

It’s easy to compare your relationship to other relationships or partners, however, it’s something you should avoid. Comparing your present relationship with others will upset your current partner.

Rather than comparing your relationship, ask yourself these questions: Are you in the relationship to compete with someone else? Are you in this relationship to impress other people? Or are you in the relationship because you like the person you’re dating? These questions will help you understand the value of your current partner.

2. Don’t Remember Your Past

It’s one of the common mistakes that often people do. Remember, when dating someone new, don’t bring all your past fears, concerns, and negative relationship experiences to the current relationship.

Often people do the same mistake by sharing too much about the post or by overthinking the past. So, it’s better to avoid oversharing and keep your thoughts, and conversations focused on the person you’re currently dating.

3. Don’t Brag

Bragging is a huge turnoff for both men and women. It’s not necessary to feel the need to continually impress your partner. If they already like you then bragging makes them upset. Be proud of who you are without bringing up your bad moments or listing your life’s accomplishments.

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4. Don’t Blow Up Their Phone

It’s one of the crucial new relationship pieces of advice that you must follow. When you are new to the relationship, live with the moment and save those memories of in-person dates.

If they initiated plans the first time, you can initiate the second time, and so on, but don’t always be the person texting first, calling, and initiating plans. If they get used to you being the one doing all of the planning and reaching out, they’ll stop making an effort because they know you will do it first.

5. Be Open-Minded

Don’t be closed-minded and try to remain open to trying new foods and participating in new activities. The start of a new relationship ought to be light and fun, however, things can turn serious with time. So, keeping this in mind, keep the conversations about highly controversial topics to a minimum in the beginning.

6. Respect Yourself

Treating yourself best to give an example of how your partner should treat you. This also shows your partner what you will tolerate and what you will not.

If something is right for you and you want to do that then do it. If they call you for a date invitation, but you need a self-care night and want to spend the time with yourself then there’s nothing wrong with that. You can always suggest to your partner a different day for date night.

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7. Spend Time With Family And Friends

With new relationships, people often drop their usual activities. It’s common for couples to give up their usual jobs and cancel on friends to spend time with their partner.

Although it’s good to spend much time with your partner, this makes expectations high for them, and when with time you start to get busy with some activities it creates trouble for your relationship.

So, keep yourself busy and honor your plans with friends and adjust your schedule to give time to everyone starting from your family members, friends to your partner.

8. Watch Out for Red Flags

With new relationships, couples often forgot to watch out for the red flags which can create trouble in the future. For example, if your new love criticizes you, makes plans, and repeatedly cancels and you find out it’s a lie then they’re probably not worth investing in for the long-term.

9. Don’t Skip Health Conversation

It’s always good to know about new love’s health issues. This will you both to take care of each other in case of a health emergency. Apart from that do discuss your sexual health, however, it’s better to wait until you’re both comfortable having an honest conversation about health before becoming intimate.

10. Don’t Be Intimate Too Soon

It’s always wise to spend a good amount of time before being intimate with each other. The amount of time to wait before having sex differs for every couple. Although there is no such thing as too soon or too long, the right time is when both people are 100% ready.

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The worst thing you can do in a new relationship is to have sex before you are ready. You also shouldn’t feel shame talking about sex. Tell your partner what you like, what you don’t like, and what you’d want to try.

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