Microsoft-TikTok Deal Is A ‘Poison Chalice’, Says Bill Gates

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates believes the company’s deal with TikTok is a “poison chalice.”

In an interview with Wired, Gates said that managing social media is not simple, akin to the ongoing encryption issue. While he favored having more competition in the social media space, Gates described US President Donald Trump’s decision to ban TikTok as “pretty bizarre.”

“Who knows what’s going to happen with that deal. But yes, it’s a poison chalice. Being big in the social media business is no simple game, like the encryption issue,” he said.

When asked about whether he was wary about Microsoft entering the social media space, Gates responded, “I mean, this may sound self-serving, but I think that the game being more competitive is probably a good thing. But having Trump kill off the only competitor, it’s pretty bizarre.”

Gates is also critical of Trump’s comments that the US government should get a cut in the sale of TikTok’s US operations.

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“I agree that the principle this is proceeding on is singly strange. The cut thing, that’s doubly strange. Anyway, Microsoft will have to deal with all of that,” he added.

The TikTok deal is said to help Microsoft enter the social media space with an existing massive userbase. It is worth noting that Microsoft has no big offering in the social networking space.

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