Microsoft Starts Killing Internet Explorer

Starting October 26, Microsoft will direct users from Internet Explorer 11 to the Edge web browser.

Microsoft previously announced that it will slowly start killing its Internet Explorer version 11. The company had said that the process will begin in November this year and it will complete the process by August 2021.

As per a report by Bleeping Computer, starting October 26, Microsoft will take more active measures in directing users from Internet Explorer 11 to the more recent version of its Chromium-based Edge web browser.

This includes launching the browsing session automatically in Microsoft Edge when a user visits a site that is incompatible with IE 11.

When users are redirected to Microsoft Edge, they will be shown a one-time dialog box that will explain why they are getting redirected.

It will also prompt them to give consent for importing their browsing data, which includes details such as Favorites, Passwords, Search engines, open tabs, history, settings, cookies, and the Home Page. However, even if users don’t give their consent they will be able to continue their session in the Edge web browser.

“When a site is redirected from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge, the Internet Explorer tab that started loading the site is closed if it had no prior content.

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Otherwise, the active tab view goes to a Microsoft support page that explains why the site was redirected to Microsoft Edge,” Microsoft explained in a support page.

Further, Microsoft will introduce new group policy templates on October 26 that will enable users to control the behavior of redirection. “These policies will be available as ADMX file updates by October 26, 2020 and will be available in Intune by November 9, 2020,” the company added.

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