Microsoft Edge to Lunch with a new logo and Chromium engine

Microsoft Edge browser with Chromium engine and with a brand new logo to launch in early 2020.

With the new Microsoft Logo reports it shows that Microsoft hasn’t given up on its browser ambitions. With its age-old Internet Explorer set to retire, Microsoft is putting its money on the Edge browser.

Now that the browser has gone mobile, Microsoft has revamped the Edge with a new logo and new set of features. Microsoft’s Edge Browser now runs on Google’s open-source Chromium engine.

Set to release on January 15, the updated Microsoft Edge browser is available as a “Release Candidate” to select users. The Chromium engine helps Microsoft offer improved web compatibility and performance.

“We see a unique opportunity to bridge the tradeoffs of today’s web search with more complete solutions that Microsoft can uniquely address. We will unite the internet with your intranet with Microsoft Search in Bing so that you can increase access more of your important data in a single browse and search experience,” said Microsoft in a blog post.

“We will provide you powerful default privacy protection, while still allowing you to benefit from web personalization. And we will enable you to move from great web research directly into Microsoft Office applications to enable you to be more productive,” it added.

Some of the new features of the Edge browser include the ability to find your co-workers through Search. Microsoft has made anti-tracking prevent feature on by default in the browser.

The built-in SmartScreen and Tracking prevention, Microsoft says, will help protect from phishing scams and modern malware like cryptojacking. Users, however, will have the option to go “inPrivate mode” for browsing.

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For those who’re still using Internet Explorer (v11) or Google Chrome, Microsoft’s upgraded Edge browser allows tools to access the older browsers.

There will also be a new Collections feature that will allow users to easily collect web content and export the data to apps like Word and Excel.

As far as the new logo and icon are concerned, the Microsoft Edge browser comes with a wave surfing-themed logo. While it still resembles the “e” alphabet, it’s quite different from the older Internet Explorer-like logo.

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