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How You Should Love A Libra Man – Secret Tips

Undoubtedly Libra is the zodiac sign who knows how to love. Ruled by the planet Venus, you expect any less from the Libra man. However, that doesn’t mean you will have no trouble with him. That’s why you need to know how to love a Libra man.

Libra Man’s Love

With Libra Man, Romance comes easily and they are pretty good at it. However, you need to know that a Libra man’s love is based on logic. Everything about him is a debate between logic and whatever or whoever the opposition is.

Even when you feel like there’s something you cannot put up with, he will surely mold your opinion to his benefit by pure logic. One of the biggest problems with Libra is that whenever he is unsure about something or someone, he will not act. This can be highly frustrating.

On the other hand, he can charm you with just his smile and can make you hate him during his bad period. However, it’s true that he would never intentionally hurt anyone’s feelings.

How Does A Libra Man Act When He’s In Love?

Libra man’s indecisiveness gets in the way of most things. This makes it hard to be sure whether he likes you or not. However, if you observe his confidence with you then it’s one of the signs that he likes you.

Libra man always faces difficulty making the simplest of decisions as they think about a lot logically, so if you see him confident with you then it’s a big step. He’ll know what to do as he is sure of his love for you.

Another sign of a libra in love with you that he will let you know more about him. This is because he is letting his guard down around you. That is another sign that the Libra man is falling for you, since, he doesn’t trust everyone easily.

He feels comfortable enough to share his secrets with you says a lot about how he feels about you. He will show commitment and expect it from you too. Additionally, you will not see him flirting around anymore. He will discuss plans for the future. It is only when he is sure of his feelings for you that changes like these will happen.

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Once he is in love with you, he’ll be open about his feelings. He will show his affection for you. Even if he isn’t upfront about it, you will know what he is trying to say.

What Does A Libra Man Look For In A Woman?

If you think you will keep a libra man once he falls in love with you then you are wrong. To keep him you need to know what it is that he looking for. Knowing his expectation, likes and dislikes will help you go a long way.

Further, he will never tell you what he is looking for. This makes it even harder. So, intelligence is the key. Not only in terms of the information you have on the world, but also on living right. Since he puts so much emphasis on logic in his life, he doesn’t expect his partner to be dumb.

The Libra man expects his partner to be organized. Whether it is organizing the home or your life as it represents certainty. He wants you to have what he lacks. He needs you to boost his ego.

So, a partner who can shower him with compliments will go a long way with the Libra man. Take note of and appreciate all his tastes. They are testaments of some very hard decisions made by him.

The Libra man won’t mind taking your help while deciding something. Don’t engage in anything that he thinks is unfair. Indulge in a debate that follows the logic. This includes things like gossip or low blows dealt with others no matter the circumstance.

Further, don’t force him for something and don’t confront him often. Remember, he needs his time to take the correct decision. So if you try hard then he will run away from the problem than taking a hasty decision.

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Signs A Libra Man Has Lost Interest

Libra Man’s indecisiveness will make it easy for him to lose interest and the fickleness in his Venus-ruled sign makes this all the faster to happen.

That’s why you should always look for signs a Libra man doesn’t like you or doesn’t care anymore. If you feel like he’s avoiding you, then that can be a bad sign.

Remember, regular communication with one person can bore the Libra. So you need to be creative and talk about various things rather than having regular conversations. Try giving him some space and creating activities to make things better.

A Libra man who has lost interest will also not make the effort to communicate his feelings. If he has started to remind you of the way he was when you first met, that can be a tell-all sign.

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Libra man makes the effort of sharing his feelings only when he is in love. When that feeling is gone, he closes the doors to his emotions. The Libra men know how to hold a grudge. If you have done him wrong, he wouldn’t let it go easily. Libra is the sign of justice so he will respond to any unfairness towards him.

Once a libra man loses interest in you he will stop making the effort to please you. He stops thinking that he owes you anything. So, he would not waste time thinking about making you feel good.

He will start making excuses to avoid spending time with you. When this happens, know that the final blow to your relationship has been dealt with. There is a very small-time gap between this and his deciding that he needs to move on.

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