Live Chat for Lead Generation

Not only is the live chatbox on a website a great option for customer communication, but it can also take a business’s lead generation to a whole new level, which is what will be discussed in this article.

Lead generation, as is suggested by the term, is referred to as the process of marketing that deals with stimulating and capturing the interest of customers towards a product or service, to develop a sales pipeline.

How is it related to live chat, you ask? The answer is simple; live chat naturally brings about lead generation through the conversation with customers. Low-key, is an investment towards making site visitors ask questions and get answers about the product or service.

You can find the option for live chats on the websites of a number of businesses. If you were interested in subscribing to Xfinity’s fast and seamless internet, you would visit the Xfinity website and find the live chat option through which you can ask about internet plans and their prices.

In turn, a representative from Xfinity customer service will respond to your queries. That is the extent of interaction on live chat on the websites.  

Advantages of Live Chat

According to a report from Statista, the global customer satisfaction rate due to the live chat in 2020 peaked at 85.6%, and this goes to show that this is the customers’ most preferred communication channel to interact with businesses and brands. If your business doesn’t already have a live chat on your website, then these are the following benefits you are missing out on.

Increase in Conversion Rates

Live chats help businesses sell more. Website visitors engaging in live chat interactions are two times more likely to convert than those who do not. 

Moreover, the speediness and back-and-forth messaging shorten the sales process and as a result, quick conversion can lead to more conversion. Live chat even allows opportunities to upsell; sales teams can smoothly provide a recommendation as the interaction progresses.

Efficient Customer Service

Live chat can also lead to efficiency in creating a customer service experience. Through convenient and real-time communication, customers can have efficient assistance from and interaction with human customer support agents. 

Customers can receive swift solutions to their issues from these interactions, even when the same issue could take days to be solved through other communication mediums such as email.

Humanized Customer Experience

Another benefit to using live chat is that it humanizes the entire digital customer service experience. A pop-up message as soon as you enter a website has a friendly, personalized vibe emanating from it. This can also make the experience memorable for your customers. 

Adding the human element is meant to provide detailed guidance and solve complicated queries fast.

Improved Productivity

Along with managing the customer experience, it is also essential to manage employee experience as well. Because they are the ones who have to deal with customer interaction. If they are not feeling productive, then their work will lag and affect the customer experience. 

Moreover, in a phone call, customer support agents can only deal with one customer at a time. But in the live chat scenario, they can handle multiple interactions at a time. This can result in a higher resolution rate. 

Competitive Edge

Live chat can also allow businesses to stay ahead of the competition in such a way that if their competitors do not have the live chat option on their websites, then these businesses have an edge over them.

If a customer browses through your competitor’s website and looks for a live chat option, which he is unable to find, he is more likely to exit that website unsatisfied because he wasn’t given the chance to inquire about their products or services. 

Meanwhile, if the same customer navigates through your business website and finds a live chat option, he is much more likely to exit your website satisfied as compared to what was lacking on your competitor’s website.

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Enhanced Digital Journey

Interacting on live chat is also part of the customers’ digital journey, and whatever kind of software you have integrated on your website for live chat will also influence the same customer’s journey.

Potential customers no longer have to navigate through your business’s website in search of the required information. Instead, they can use the pop-up chat to inquire the customer support representative about it who will, in turn, share direct links to what he is searching for.

Brand Loyalty

Providing humanized interaction experience through live chats also leads to an increase in brand loyalty. Because customers are more likely to remain loyal to companies that offer live chat support than those that do not. The relationship stemming from live chat interaction enables customers to develop trust and rapport with the brand representatives. 

Final Thoughts: Lead Generation through Live Chats

In summary, lead generation is the process of cultivating potential customers for your brand. Live chats constitute one of the solutions to generate leads and sales for your business, through interactions and customer engagement. 

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