LinkedIn Launches New Solution To Host Virtual Events

This latest update brings tighter integration between Events and Live.

LinkedIn is the latest to introduce solutions aimed at users relying on digital tools to collaborate and communicate. The professional social networking platform has launched a virtual events solution that brings a deeper integration between the LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live.

Going forward, LinkedIn Live will allow companies to host virtual events. Of course, this can be streamed live to attendees. With the Events integration, the companies will now find it easier to host live, real-time events.

According to the company, the solution will bring the “right professional audiences, drive strong reach and engagement, and get more mileage for their events with a dedicated hub for videos of the event on their Pages.”

Apart from hosting events live, companies will have the ability to keep the conversation going with the video where users can see all the videos posted by a Page.

LinkedIn revealed that its Live format has seen a “great traction” as comments per post have risen by 23x. Reactions per post have grown six-fold. According to the company, 82% of its audience prefers live streams than the usual posts.

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“45% of senior leaders are considering a more permanent shift to virtual events and conferences. By combining Events and Live, LinkedIn hopes to equip brands with a powerful product suite to host virtual events,” the company added.

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