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iPiccy Review, Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps

A Full Review & Alternatives of iPiccy, a Free Online Image Editor & Collage Maker.

If you are not aware of iPiccy then let me tell you iPiccy is one of the best online image editors that offers a ton of handy tools and an easy-to-use working interface. And the best part is it’s free. It also has a collage maker option for building photo collages for free. iPiccy has also support for layer options and a tool called Designer which also includes the option to make vector images.

iPiccy Facts And Details

iPiccy has five basic categories which include all the necessary tools. They are Basic, Advance, Adjustments, Color, and Filters. These basic tools let you implement a quick fix to the image like resize, crop, rotate, sharpen, or flip the picture. It also supports editing the exposure, hue, saturation, and colors.

Apart from the basic tools iPiccy has some of advanced tools that include burn tool, liquify, clone, dodge, curves, and levels. You can also do Equalize Image, Light & Contrast adjustments easily with iPiccy. It supports zoom levels up to 800% which you can simply do with scrolling your mouse wheel.

With iPiccy you will easily create a collage with just drag and drop with the help of Dozens of collage layouts which have some of the beautiful shapes. This amazing image editor gives options for essential color settings like producing the image with a sepia tone, adjusting color vibrancy, color tint adjustment, and managing color levels.

iPiccy also has some of the most useful filters like blur, noise, and emboss along with some advanced effects like a cartoonizer, pencil drawing, HDR style, artistic painting, retro comic, and neon glow effect.

It also has some of the dedicated tools for retouching a picture like skin, eye, and mouth editor. Some of these tools are a blemish fixer, sun tan applier, eye color changer, red eye fixer, mascara applier, teeth whitener and more.

iPiccy has Collage layouts that are categorized in sections like Basic, One Big Photo, Jigsaw, and Advanced, with other specific ones too, such as Facebook Cover, Twitter Picture, and HD resolutions.

A section of iPiccy called Painter lets you add pencil and brush strokes to one or more image layers, as well as add shapes and lines to it. Effects to soften the image, add a matte look, apply a vintage feel and dozens more are available.

Usage, Pros & Cons

It’s very easy to import images to iPiccy. You can easily upload images from your computer, online Image URL or even from your webcam.

While exporting iPiccy supports JPG and PNG formats, you can also share the photo on Facebook directly.


  • Easy and clean UI
  • No user account required
  • Various and Multiple upload options
  • Fullscreen editing
  • Loaded with essential tools
  • Properly categorized
  • Beautiful collage layouts


  • Limited Export File Formats(Only JPG and PNG)
  • Limited Social Sharing

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How good is iPiccy?

In my opinion, it is truly an amazing photo editor which offers some instant editing options. In some cases, it’s more effective than most of the common offline image editors. With all essential functions it’s one of the best you will find all over the internet.

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