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iPhone Keeps Shutting Off Repeatedly: Here is How To Fix It

If you are an iPhone user then you must know the pain how irritating it is when your iPhone Keeps Shutting Off Repeatedly. Most of the times users have reported that their iPhones have taken to repeatedly restarting on their own in every 10 seconds or so. As per some other users, their phone’s screen flicker to black, and a spinning wheel of death will appear for a few moments before the phone eventually restarts.

If you’re encountering this then don’t worry, your phone isn’t broken. In fact, don’t need to worry when your iPhone shuts off or goes dark for no reason! Here I will walk you through a hack repair which will whip your phone back into shape and also keep it safe from shutting off over and over.

If you are unaware of the old bug, then you should know that it was a strange bug in iOS11 however, all users with iOS 11 not faced the bug. That bug causes the phone’s processor usage to spike to 100 percent when an app sends a notification. This is the reason behind the heat up of the device and then it forces the device to reset.

The types of notifications that are requesting this glitch are auto-generated rather than activity-related. For instance, when you get likes on Instagram that won’t likely have any impact on your phone, but if an app sends one of those “haven’t seen you in a while!” push alerts, that may assist the glitch to occur.

The worst part of this glitch is that once your phone goes black there is nothing you can do to recover it as it appears as dead. However, it can be easily fixed with certain tweaks. Just restart your phone, take a deep breath, and follow these quick instructions to destroy the bug, which are courtesy of Apple’s support site.


iPhone Keeps Shutting Off Repeatedly

Before you update your phone to remove the bug, you are going to need to visit your preferences to modify the way your phone automatically enables app notifications. This is important, because it may increase your likelihood of fixing this bug. Tap your apps, one at a time, and turn off “Permit Notifications.” When you are done, each program on your phone ought to be switched to off in the notification center.


Ensure that you have sufficient storage space to put in your iPhone’s upgrade to iOS 11.2, which you are plugged into an energy supply. After that visit Settings, and update your phone. (Note: When your telephone is restarting continuously then you need to work fast to reach the upgrade between reboots before your phone shuts itself off again.) The brand new iOS 11.2 has all you want to eliminate the bug and protect against different things you have not dealt.

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Go To Settings

iPhone Keeps Shutting Off Repeatedly

Now that your phone has been updated, you need to return to your preferences and turn all of the app notifications back on so that you can receive notifications back again.

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