iOS 13 running only on 50% of all iPhones: Apple

Apple’s latest iOS 13 running on 50% of all iPhones one month after its release in September.

Apple’s latest iOS adoption report has revealed that 50% of all iPhones are now running the newest iOS 13 version. This includes 55% of iPhones introduced in the last four years. 38% of devices are still running last year’s iOS 12 while the rest is on older iOS versions.

The Apple App Store report also says that overall 50% of devices are running on iOS 13. 41% iPhones are on iOS 12 and 9% are on older iOS versions.

With iOS 13, Apple removed compatibility for iPhones below iPhones 6. Apple rolled out iOS 13 for iPhones globally on September 10. iOS 13 brings new features like dark mode, ‘Sign in with Apple’, avatars for iMessage and security updates.

On iOS 13, Face ID unlocks 13% faster than the previous version. App downloads are also 50% faster on iOS 13. In terms of security, iOS 13 has strict location tracking features.

Apart from that the new iOS 13 sends pop-ups to users about location tracking by third-party apps. iOS also broke off from iPads with the latest update. Apple introduced a separate iPadOS for iPads which is now running on 41% devices.

Apple, however, had a rocky start to the launch of iOS 13. Prior to its stable release, a security flaw was discovered in iOS 13 which allowed anyone to bypass the lock screen on iPhones.

Apple rolled out iOS 13 without a patch for the bug. Apple fixed it with iOS 13.1 which was released on September 24. The iPhone maker has so far released four updates to iOS 13 with iOS 13.1.3 is the latest one.

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