Instagram To Show Insights For Reels And Live Videos

Instagram creators and businesses can now view how much reach their Reels and Live videos are getting through the Insights tool.

Instagram will now start showing insights for Reels and Live. Instagram lets creators and businesses keep a check on their account’s progress through its Insight tool. Now users will be able to check the performance of their Reels and Live videos as well.

Instagram will give a detailed account of the performance of Reels. It will show the number of accounts reached, and the number of plays received. It will also show insights on interactions including likes, comments, shares, and saves.

For Instagram Live videos, users will get to see the number of accounts reached, and the peak concurrent viewers. It will also display how many comments the live video has received, and how many times it has been shared.

“We will also be including these metrics in Account Insights to provide a broader picture into how Reels and Live shape an account’s performance,” Instagram said in a blog post.

Instagram will also offer more detailed information about ‘Reach in Account Insights’. It will now show which type of accounts you’re reaching, and which content formats are performing the best.

You will be able to see a breakdown of all your different content types including Reels, posts, IGTV videos, Stories, and Live videos. It will give a detailed account of which content type has the most reach, and that too among followers and non-followers. This could help creators and businesses understand better what type of content they should focus on.

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Instagram has more planned over the coming months. It will roll out new preset time frame options in Insights that go beyond the last 7 and 30 days. Instagram will also enable desktop support for Insights.

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