Instagram To Let Users Save Story Drafts Soon

Instagram Stories is finally getting the ability to save drafts.

Instagram has announced a new feature for Stories. Users will soon be able to save their Instagram Stories as drafts and post them later. Instagram already offers drafts for its other products such as posts and Reels but it lacked one for Stories.

Instagram took to Twitter to announce the launch of story drafts. The feature is self-explanatory wherein users will be able to save a draft of their story, and continue later to post it on Instagram.

Considering how Instagram Stories is the platform’s most successful product, it could come quite handy for people to save their story drafts.

There’s no official date for this launch but it’s currently in testing as spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi (via Social Media Today). The draft option will appear when you close a story without posting it.

You’ll have options to discard it, save a draft or cancel the process. Your saved drafts will appear in the section where your photos and videos from your phone show up.

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At present, users can save their Instagram Stories by downloading them on their phones. This way they can upload it whenever they want. But this requires the story to be complete if they wish to use it again. Drafts will help in continuing where you left off and make the process easier.

In related news, Instagram is also testing the ability to add labels to reshared posts on Stories. This seems to be a way to discourage people from resharing feed posts. It has also disabled resharing completely in some markets.

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